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YGG forms partnership with familiar gaming platform G4AL

G4AL is a video game platform that operates on its own private G4AL channel. Game developers can deploy their games with relative ease and speed on this chain, which is also bolstered by an SKD engine. An apt example of this would be their release of Elemental Raider, a combination game based on Web2 and Web3 instilling their two individual characteristics of being free and play to win.

In the game of this game, which is to compete, the players aim to earn chips. Besides that, there are also other various rewards to be won. There is also a market created, which offers players the opportunity to acquire a chest, intended for improving their skills, as well as the purchase of NFT skins. They can also gain additional benefits by translating skills into NFTs. A leaderboard feature is also in its place to help add more competitiveness to the overall game.

Yield Guild Games (YGG), for its part, has taken possession of 1,500 skins, all of which come with an exclusive YGG logo. Moreover, they also had the foresight to buy 500 chests from G4AL for the amount of $35,000. This will be passed to each player, a single chest with rare skin types, which will help them win arena tickets, and therefore the possibility of earning more rewards in the form of tokens.

Both entities, YGG and G4AL, are confident about the future of the direction in which the online gambling industry will go here. With them coming together and with the most advanced technological expertise at their disposal, there is bound to be a revolutionary change in the way online games are seen and judged. The sheer potential of bringing together the best features of Web2 games and Web3 games will be phenomenal.

They mutually agree and envision that their combined futuristic approach to the world of online gaming will receive a tremendous boost, all thanks to the rich, pay-to-win experience that online gamers will now be exposed to. Inadvertently, this will positively draw more individual and community players on board, creating a whole new sense of a win-win situation.