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WinZO Social Gaming Platform Deploys EdTech Nationwide Scholarships

WinZO, the largest social gaming platform in India, is back with Season 2 of its most anticipated national level scholarship program – BOSS (Battle of Super Scholar). With the addition of two new premier B schools IIM Bangalore and IIM Lucknow as well as IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta, the second edition was even bigger compared to the inaugural edition 2021. WinZO is the only game company to launch such an industrial-academic program to promote entrepreneurship in the online gaming sector in India.

“We are happy to welcome WinZO with this kind of unique engagement activity and we are also excited to see their quest to promote the value of entrepreneurship and innovation through WinZO BOSS,” said Bharath Reddy, placement coordinator of IIM Ahmedabad, commenting on the launch.

WinZO BOSS season 2 involves more than 1000 contestants, and there are payouts and prizes worth INR 50 lacs up for grabs. Winners can use the scholarships to fund their higher education needs/entrepreneurship ideas. At the same time, the top 20 participants were introduced to the working environment at WinZO headquarters in New Delhi to present their ideas to the management team and gain insight into the company’s operations.

Brahmateja Pothukanoori, winner of BOSS Season 2 said, “I am happy to be part of this edition of WinZO BOSS. This was one of the very first offline events we experienced here on campus. I had the chance to interact with leaders from all areas such as product, technology and marketing. I am very fascinated by the scale and approach of WinZO as a unit economy company, which is a rare find today.

IIM Calcutta’s Sanketh Mahajan was declared second this season. The top 5 finalists will receive pre-placement offers from WinZO with INR 10 lakh each, with the top three receiving an additional INR 4 lakh and INR 3 lakh each.

“The 2000s were a decade for social media and the 2010s for e-commerce; The 2020s will be the decade of culturally relevant interactive entertainment products. India is today interestingly positioned as a hotbed of global gaming innovation due to its power of one billion digital consumer markets,” said Saumya Singh Rathore, co-founder of WinZO . “This is a unique opportunity to establish Bharat as a global industry leader, and such disruption can only be possible when the best minds in the country come together to capitalize on this opportunity. BOSS is an initiative along the same lines. At WinZO, we believe in creating entrepreneurs who can create products that would forever change the way we experience the world around us,” she added,

WinZO also earlier launched a $26 million game development fund in which more than 1,000 companies had expressed interest. The fund aims to promote interactive entertainment products with financing and a wide distribution network, including games, gaming industry, content production, live operations and security.

Appreciating WinZO’s efforts to promote the industry ecosystem, Debayan Ganguly, Placement Coordinator of IIM Calcutta, said, “We are delighted to welcome WinZO to campus with the second edition of BOSS with an activity so engaging. We have a huge alumni base of our students in this organization. Even co-founder Paavan Nanda hails from the same campus and it has always been a privilege to welcome such a young startup to campus.

In addition to financial support and rapid growth conditions, WinZO attracts talent through the quality of life and ownership experience of its employees. BOSS Season 1 winner Yash Mehta said, “I discovered WinZO BOSS last year and won the case competition. I gave up my traditional campus offer at IIM Calcutta because I wouldn’t have had that kind of exposure and ownership in another organization.

By maintaining a steady growth rate with a focus on unit economy, WinZO has become the market leader in social gaming and interactive entertainment in the country today. With a registered user base of over 90 million, of which around 80% are from small towns in India, WinZO employs, directly and indirectly, over 1 lakh people and seeks to grow that number to 5 lakhs in the next 18 coming months.

By 2030, the global mobile games market size is expected to reach $338 billion, growing at a CAGR of 12.3%. “We understand its inherent obligation and as a market leader in India to position it at the center of this huge opportunity by supporting the country’s gaming and interactive entertainment technology sector and fostering an innovative environment,” added Soumya.