Gaming platform

WinnerBlock, the decentralized gaming platform launches its application.

WinnerBlock offers players a decentralized online gambling platform. With your WBlock, you can buy WCards, NFT tickets, which will allow you to participate in jackpots of three different levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

A free wheel of fortune is also available every day. This free draw gives you the opportunity to win WBlocs and other bonuses.

Other games are planned. We can cite as an example a scratch card game but also a draw which will be reserved for players who have obtained their WBlocs during the presale!

Indeed, each person who bought their WBlocs during the presale obtains a WCard Founders Edition which will offer them various bonuses.

Winner Block’s ambition is to be able to offer a generous offer of games of all kinds on their application. This application will be updated regularly.

A great community

Already more than 1100BNB have been collected during the presale and more than 600 people form a solid and close-knit community based on transparency and helping new players.

Integrity and transparency are important values ​​for Winner Block. The community is kept informed of every progress and the team is always available to answer questions.

You can try the WebApp!

The best way to be convinced is to try. Winner Block has launched its WebApp in beta so that the community can give feedback before the final launch at the end of July 2022.

According to their Telegram group, the feedback is very positive, which promises a bright future for this ambitious project.

Winner Block in presale until July 10

You only have a short time to enjoy WBlocks at the best price. The presale ends on July 10, 2022 and it will no longer be possible to buy WBlocks at the lowest before its listing on PancakeSwap on July 20, 2022.

Charity, an important cause

In addition to wanting to revolutionize the online gaming market, Winner Block also wants to bring the power of decentralization to charities. 10% of each draw will be donated directly to charities chosen by the community through a regular voting system.

Already $1,000 USD have been donated to several organizations dealing with animal welfare, professional integration and also food aid.

Winner Block and its community have a strong desire to be able to do something to help those in need.

The last word

The fact that such a small team can accomplish so much in a few months has completely redefined the online gaming industry.

Unlike other players in this market, Winner Block has built a reputation as a reliable and transparent project. The future will prove this ambitious project right, which will very quickly become a heavyweight in Internet 3.0.

To take advantage of the WBlocks presale, which ends on July 10, go to: