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Web3 Gaming Platform’s Project Twelve Closes $8M Funding Round

Project Twelve (P12), a Web3 game platform, announced the closing of $8 million in new funding on Tuesday, paving the way for an expanded ecosystem with an accessible and sustainable game creation platform.

This funding round comes from a combination of committed investors including: MetaApp, Project Galaxy, Primavera Ventures, CyberConnect, CCV, InfinityLeague, Smrti Lab and others.

P12 includes the Editor, a complete Metaverse content engine for creating game worlds; Infra, a set of APIs/SDKs and developer portals to link game content on-chain; and Econs, a set of economic and governmental rules and mechanisms implemented in EVM smart contracts.

Recognizing an impending paradigm shift for virtual assets, the P12 team set out to remove barriers that have historically minimized the impact of virtual worlds and experiences. By removing the imperfect for-profit model, P12 aims to better serve the user, paving the way for unlimited possibilities in the realm of virtual worlds.

To address key challenges affecting the web3 game industry, P12 will build a comprehensive infrastructure and tool system to make game creation accessible and implement a set of economic and government mechanisms to make game economies more sustainable. .

The team behind P12 come from a hybrid web3 and gaming background while many have also been involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space since 2018 and have successfully built a decentralized exchange product (DEX ). They also have a proven track record in gaming product R&D and design.

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P12 is now inviting those interested to grab the recently launched NFT Genesis Soul-Bound – the ultimate tribute to developers and gamers – from their drop site and invite others to do the same via the P12 referral program. ‘company. Officially launching on June 27, the Genesis Soul-Bound NFT pays tribute to Steam developers and gamers by capturing off-chain credentials, including published games and hours played. In doing so, the set of valuable proof of play data will enable NFT holders to enjoy future rights and benefits.