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Web3 Gaming Pioneer MonkeyLeague Partners With Web2 Gaming Platform BUFF –

MonkeyLeague has partnered with the BUFF platform. This partnership will bring special editions of MonkeyLeague NFT to the BUFF community while expanding the appeal of non-fungible tokens and Web3 potential!


MonkeyLeague decided to lay eyes on a Web2 gaming startup because the BUFF platform rewards gamers for playing their favorite games. The startup seems compatible with Web3 technologies, which is the next step.

Besides BUFF, MonkeyLeague has partnerships with industry heavyweights such as YGG, UNIX Gaming, Breeder DAO, Avocado DAO and others.

“The Blockchain game market is accelerating and still has great potential for growth, Buff has decided to explore this space by partnering with the best games in the industry, and MonkeyLeague is certainly one of them. Buff will expose its millions of players to new games and will continue to be the “loyalty platform for the gaming community”.

Buff Technologies Ltd CEO Elay de Beer

BUFF is known for offering loyalty rewards to players of Fortnite, Valorant, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends, among other titles. This form of strategy has helped establish global communities for most of these games.

With over 6 million users and 430,000 daily active users on over 3 million game instances, BUFF is indeed the play-to-earn version of Web2!

This partnership will help the MonkeyLeague team create high-quality games with high adoption potential, transcending the barriers between crypto and Web2.

MonkeyLeague has an unprecedented vision for web3 gaming and nothing will stop us from achieving it. We are constantly looking to partner with the best who support this vision and BUFF is a long-term strategic partnership that will be the first bridge between web2 and web3. We are beyond excited for what the future holds for this partnership.

MonkeyLeague Head of Marketing and Partnerships Oren Langberg

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