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War for Earth, the emerging gaming platform based on Binance

The blockchain gaming industry has exploded tremendously. According to a special report from CoinDesk, the emerging space has seen a 2,000% increase in valuation and users since the first quarter of 2021. Although we have seen unprecedented growth, the market is relatively plagued by issues, with centralized content ownership identified. as one of its main limitations. The lack of a decentralized system prevents players from generating income equal to the value of their creations. Additionally, the inability to effectively determine content ownership leaves a huge loophole in the nascent blockchain-based gaming space.

War for Earth, a Binance-based blockchain gaming platform, was launched to address these issues. War for Earth aims to eliminate all existing limitations through its decentralized platform where players can seamlessly create metaverses, share, trade and collect game items without a central structure.

War for Earth attempts to dispel the inability to identify legitimate creators by introducing NFTs. All features in the game will possess particular IDs through this technology, preparing the blockchain-based gaming space for more extraordinary things.

War for Earth Gameplay

War for Earth not only seeks to clear up existing blockchain gaming issues, but the team has crafted an immersive, thrilling, yet rewarding game to rival any. War for Earth is designed to pit players against each other in various P2E and exciting game modes. Players can either take on opponents themselves or assemble a team of fearsome warriors to take on an enemy.

War for Earth is set in the world and is made up of 15 islands, each comprising 1000 plots of land. Players must engage in battles from an array of action-packed games to earn money and secure a solid position as kings of the land – the colloquial term for islands. Turf can be sold, bought, owned and, in the future, customizable.

Somewhat similar to the real world, players must defeat enemies, earn money, and gradually climb the social ladder. You can enter as a solo player or with an assembled team. War for Earth gives every player an equal chance to play exciting games and earn money. Players will receive a percentage of the pot after each game, based on their position in the social ranking. As with most P2E-based games, the higher your rank in the leaderboard, the more rewards you have to earn.

War for Earth Game Characters

War for Earth has two characters in the game: warriors and aliens. Each character is represented by other sub-characters, all with unique skills and characteristics.


There are seven unique warriors on the War for Earth game metaverse. They are: Blayne Lee, a focused solo warrior whose mission is to hunt down influential individuals, kill them, and take off without claiming due rewards; and Rebecca Rose, a former US Army commander.

Additionally, Liam West: an executioner similar to Blayne Lee, Emilia Sutton: a stellar fighter and lightning queen with years of combat experience, Hannah Coleman: a skilled warrior and highly defensive fighter, Owen Reid: a former gang member and a prolific gunslinger who fights “justly” and Isiah Jacobs: a special forces agent and mercenary commander are also sub-characters of Warriors.


War for Earth has created five alien characters: each has unique combat and survival skills. The first, King Te’loch, also known as Burning One, is a formidable alien responsible for the extinction of countless alien races. Gor’kar, a high priestess who specializes in reading the stars, and Var’set Ch’laur, an attacker from the human colony of Bastion, are two of the other fearsome aliens in War for Earth.

The others are Fou’car and Ha’ronar, a member of King Te’loch’s army and an incredibly strong Predalian, respectively.

The War for Earth team will then allow players to customize or change avatars, and over the months the team hopes to introduce new characters to the game before and after it goes live. War for Earth as a P2E metaverse game aims to provide gamers, investors, crypto enthusiasts, and the average individual with the opportunity to play fascinating, immersive, and rewarding games. Additionally, the team hopes to eliminate existing blockchain-based gambling issues.

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