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Walmart is joining the metaverse bandwagon with virtual worlds on Roblox

Walmart is joining the metaverse bandwagon with virtual worlds on Roblox

September 29, 2022, 12:10 a.m.
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Walmart launched two virtual worlds on Roblox (Photo credit: Walmart)

Multinational retail giant Walmart has made its metaverse aspirations known with two new experiences on the Roblox online gaming platform.

The virtual worlds dubbed “Walmart Land” and “Universe of Play” target a younger audience.

Roblox players can collect virtual goods, attend a music festival with artists, win toys with an airship, and win fashion contests, among other things, in both spaces.

Why is this story important?

  • It’s hard to resist the pull of the metaverse bandwagon these days. It is considered the next great frontier to explore.
  • Many companies fear that if they don’t move now, they risk missing out on the next revolution. Walmart clearly doesn’t want that.
  • For a company just taking its first steps into the metaverse, Walmart’s worlds are pretty immersive and detailed.

Walmart is trying new ways to reach customers

Walmart’s entry into Roblox must be viewed through the lens of the pandemic. The pandemic has led to several changes in shopping habits.

The company is therefore experimenting with new ways of reaching customers, closer than ever to the virtual world.

He’s tried other virtual technologies in the past, including AI-powered virtual tryouts, purchasable livestream events on TikTok, and more.

Walmart is the largest retailer on Roblox

Walmart sees Roblox as a testing ground for its future metaverse ambitions.

William White, Marketing Director of Walmart, said: “This is another step in reaching our customers in unexpected ways and in the places where they spend their time.”

Although there are other companies like Nike and Ralph Lauren on Roblox, Walmart is the biggest fish on the platform so far.

There’s Netflix Trivia and a Music Concert

In Walmart Land, players will find immersive experiences such as an amusement park with beaches, Ferris wheels, and more.

At the central hub, they can collect “verch” or virtual goods and win prizes through an airship.

There are also Fashion Contests, Dance Challenges, Netflix Trivia hosted by Noah Schnappand a concert with YouTube stars Madison beer, Kane Brownand YUNGBLUD.

Universe of Play targets much younger gamers

Separately, Walmart’s gaming universe targets younger gamers. It features popular kids shows like paw patrol and activities like hunting for missing dinosaur eggs, finding a pet chicken, creating a Magic Maxie, and more.

Players can also win prizes with an airship. There is also a track in the sky that players can ride a razor scooter on.

Roblox has over 52 million users

Roblox has over 52 million users and a market value of around $21.2 billion. The platform is designed for players aged nine and up.

In-app purchases are the main source of revenue for the platform.

Players can find the virtual world of Walmart on It can be opened on Xbox, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PC, Mac, Amazon devices and gadgets running on iOS, as well as Android.