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Virtual Worlds Case Study: When the Opportunity Knocks

Retailers always try to make the most of every sales opportunity. Using Virtual Worlds 4D Theater, that’s exactly what Sarah Norman of Aylesbury Bathroom and Tile Center did when she transformed the prospect of a bathroom remodel into three bathrooms and a downstairs cloakroom. -of the road.

The client was a family of four moving into a house in need of a complete renovation. At first, however, Norman was only responsible for designing the main family bathroom. As this was the main bathroom in the house, the design incorporated a back-to-the-wall tub, so there was minimal fuss. “We had marble tiles with veins of gold and gray that really solidified the design,” says Norman. “And the furniture was finished in a matte gray color.”

The client enjoyed the experience of walking around and interacting with his own bathroom, so much so that he wanted to see more designs for the other rooms in the house he was renovating. Norman says: “The client had fixed ideas about what he wanted, which quickly changed when he walked into the showroom and started to experience the design. The general idea was to create spaces with that wow factor that they would be proud to show off.

So let’s never forget: opportunity is everywhere. The key is to develop the vision to see it.

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