Virtual worlds

Tessellate brings together the physical and virtual worlds

What does the future hold? Designer and artist Zachary Frankel and self-taught 3D designer Mikaela Stafford attempt to answer the age-old question by merging physical and virtual spaces in their work. On display at Melbourne Design Weekthe Tessellate The exhibition featured a selection of sculptural pieces by Frankel alongside a lively interpretation of line and form by Stafford. New and emerging technologies, industrial processes and materiality with 3D animated graphics have thus been brought together to challenge conventional ideas of consumption. Waste (in this case post-industrial recycled plastic waste) is used to create valuable products that merge the spaces between the physical and virtual worlds to create their own hyper reality.

Photo: Charlie Hawks

blue and white coffee table and green bench in stylish interior space

Photo: Charlie Hawks

Photo: Charlie Hawks

large red shelf with.  natural wood shelves in stylish interior space

Photo: Charlie Hawks

blue stool and cream stool in a stylish interior space

Photo: Charlie Hawks

green stool and cream stool in a stylish interior space

Photo: Charlie Hawks

Photo: Mikaela Stafford

blue and green benches on a gray background

Bow Bench Photo: Peter Ryle

natural and blue wooden coffee table on a gray background

Arc coffee table Photo: Peter Ryle

green stool on gray background

Arc Stool Photo: Peter Ryle

Green and cream armchair on a gray background

Cloud Armchair Photo: Peter Ryle

two red bookends on a natural wood color shelf

Cloud bookends Photo: Peter Ryle

high red and natural wood bookcase

Large Cloud Library Photo: Peter Ryle

short bookcase in natural wood

Little Clod Library Photo: Peter Ryle

a light-skinned man and a light-skinned woman sitting on two stools in front of a wall of built-in bookshelves

Zachary Frankel + Mikaela Stafford Photo: Charlie Hawks

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