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Swarmio Media adds a new communication product to the gaming platform

Swarmio Media (CSE: SWRM) this morning expanded its product offering for consumers with the launch of Echo. The product is an additional feature for the company’s Ember gaming and esports platform, which has been rolled out in Asia, LATAM, Africa and the Middle East.

Echo is considered a gamer communication system that is implemented on the platform, which allows gamers to earn Ember Points, which can be used for voice and data credits with telecom carriers. The new feature is expected to be included in a set of premium subscriptions on the platform, while also being available on the platforms’ online store.

“The Echo Communication System is a unique product that allows gamers to reach and interact with the platform and their fellow gamers through many different gamified channels,” said Swarmio CEO Vijai Karthigesu.

Revenue generated from the new functionality is subject to the same revenue sharing model that the Ember platform currently enjoys between the company and the telcos that distribute the platform to its customer base. The strategy allows consumers to use telecom payment channels to pay for gaming-related services in regions where credit card usage is low, thereby increasing access for consumers.

Echo is said to be one of many new features set to be released for the platform and follows the release of Lagless last summer, which is a latency optimization solution available to subscribers.

Swarmio Media last traded at $0.065 on the CSE.

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