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Super4: India’s only Online Fantasy Gaming Platform (OFSP) with running scoreboards.

Fantasy game is a skill-based online gaming platform. Players can create their team as they want and earn money based on their skills and game knowledge. Players can participate in multiple leagues of various prizes and earn rewards.

What is Super4?

Super4 offers its players rewards and much more. It offers an exceptional experience for cricket lovers. Match the rapidly expanding user base with our fast-paced games and contests. Find your way by participating in various Online Fantasy Games (OFG) through our app. We are safe and secure with our monetary transactions and provide a smooth flow of Fantasy Gaming experience.

Super4: A unique way to play Fantasy Sports Online (OFS) via the Match Dashboard.

Super4 offers two types of fantastic games in their application. Create a fantasy team like any other online fantasy sports operator (OFSP) and play on the scoreboard. Playing on the scoreboard allows the user to predict the next ball and its impact on the rest of the match. It makes the game more exciting than it already is. The scoreboard game also offers more earning options to its users and keeps them engaged throughout the game.

Currently playing by Scoreboard has attracted more players to him. This adds more risk factors to the game, which makes it more exciting. Players judge the pitcher or batsman with the ball and place their money. More and more users are joining the dash game and earning on every ball played. Given the number of people who enjoy this method, there is a gradual increase in the user base of this format. The dash game will definitely rise to a very popular level by attracting many players. As more and more people join it, it will soon skyrocket from a niche to a popular fantasy sport.

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Start placing money on the favorite batsman or bowler and earn exciting rewards with every ball played.