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Sport Fan Token Launches Sport Prediction Web3 Gaming Platform



As the crypto ecosystem continues to grow and move closer to the mainstream, many innovative and exciting projects continue to take the industry by storm. Sport Fan Token, a revolutionary new Web3 Sport-Fi ecosystem, has emerged that is expected to provide the industry with a unique sports prediction gaming platform.

Sport Fan Token is a user-friendly, decentralized and peer-to-peer prediction platform that offers easily accessible gaming services to its users. According to a recent press release, Sport Fan Token was designed to provide users with the ability to toss fan tokens and predict sports matches through its platform. The platform offers an exclusive user experience as it combines NFT, DeFi and GameFi.

More interestingly, Sport Fan Token is a decentralized platform based on Web3, Fan Token Launchpad and “Predict to Earn” utilities. It offers users betting on various sports including basketball, football, tennis and others. Meanwhile, users can participate in any of the games via two methods, namely; Tournaments and ‘Predict to win’.

With the mechanism it deploys, SportFanToken allows players to earn rewards based on their predictions on sports games around the world. This includes the upcoming 2022 World Cup and other sports tournaments. Users will passively depend on how many matches they can predict and how many $SFTs they have. Players can also earn more rewards by joining special events held on the platform.

Sport Fan Token has revealed its commitment to developing a product that prioritizes security, simplicity, and user experience. Moreover, it provides users with easy access and fast payment services. It also offers free services open to the public.



“We decided to make this idea a reality to help people who are addicted to sports and who love sports. We did this because we know that gambling addiction is the uncontrollable need to keep gambling no matter what it does in a person’s life,” the platform noted.

Therefore, Sport Fan Token is on a mission to prevent people from losing money to any service provider and keep them excited and having fun while doing the same.