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Social gaming platform will allow viewers to purchase items for streamers’ games

Piepacker is a cloud-based video game platform that lets you play couch co-op games with your friends in your internet browser. Well, it was. Piepacker is dead now. Long live, which Piepacker just renamed.

This name change is not just in name. is bringing a host of new features to the platform with the aim of making it as easy as possible for people to play with their friends and also to help or hinder streamers by buying items or placing more items. enemies in their games.

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It’s all part of a goal to make the experience even more social. is looking to implement large-scale Twitch integration. From being able to stream directly from the browser to interacting with the audience, like joining your games or even adding advantages or obstacles to your experience. These last two things will cost real money though.


New features already introduced to the platform include public arcades, larger arcades overall, now supporting up to eight people, a new user interface and mobile integration which is currently in its beta phase.

Privacy and security are always top concerns, and includes a filter that turns your entire figure blue so people can’t see your actual room or features unless you agree to share your stream. real video.

The platform offers a wide selection of retro games that you can play with your friends and also offers original games, such as Arsene Bomber. It’s a French take on the classic Bomberman, and just as fun and chaotic.

TheGamer was invited to a virtual press event where he got to try out some of these new features. It was easy to use a mouse and keyboard or a tethered gamepad, and games were quick to load and responsive for most participants. is completely free. It is planned to implement premium games for which you will have to pay. However, the commission the site makes from it will keep it free for everyone else. This is possible due to the relatively low bandwidth requirements.

And if retro games aren’t really your bag, is adding more modern multiplayer titles. Overcooked, Moving Out, and No Heroes Here will all be added.

You can try it with your friends by visiting the website now.

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