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SHADOW unveils POWER UPGRADE, a cloud-based gaming platform powered by AMD EPYC and NVIDIA RTX

SHADOW, a cloud computing company, unveils its new venture, Power Upgrade, which aims to help users seeking improved performance with their core cloud services. The company currently offers Power Upgrade in limited quantities in Europe and North America.

With Google discontinuing support and shutting down its cloud-based gaming platform, Stadia, earlier this month, SHADOW recognizes the demand from gamers looking for an alternative service allowing them to play their favorite games remotely using a powerful PC.

Image source: SHADOW.

SHADOW’s new power upgrade features an AMD EPYC 7543P processor with four cores on eight threads. The graphics card available to users through the cloud at launch will be the NVIDIA RTX A4500, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070-class GPU designed for professionals and cloud computing. Users will have access to 16 GB of RAM and an onboard 1 Gbps fiber connection.

The price of SHADOW’s new Power Upgrade service will be $14.99/month in addition to the Shadow subscription fee for their service, which is $29.99. Although the price may seem high, the services provide access to powerful PCs designed for cloud computing and gaming. Users will also have the ability to add additional storage up to 5TB through separate tiered plans.

Although the service is currently in limited supply, more power upgrade openings will become available next month. SHADOW assures consumers that more systems will be added consistently in the future. SHADOW’s services are available to more than 120 million additional users this year.

It has been 4 years since we offered a new configuration due to component shortages and other issues. The release of the Power Update is the symbol of the new chapter in which SHADOW is entering: we want to offer new products, new functionalities and meet all the expectations of our customers. Above all, we delivered what we announced in May. We are especially proud and excited about all of this and can’t wait for customers to tell us what they think of the Power upgrade.

— Eric Sele, CEO of SHADOW

Consumers interested in researching cloud gaming services can read the company’s Power Upgrade FAQ page and check their Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Discord and Reddit for more information.

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