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Microsoft Solitaire was never released to make it so popular as a game. In fact, Microsoft Solitaire introduced it in 1990 as a method to teach people the drag and drop process. But soon, it became a popular leisure activity, and the difficult nature of the game made people want to indulge in it more. So it’s no wonder that at some point Microsoft Solitaire became the most used application, overtaking MS Office.

And now… 30 years have passed since the release of this iconic game. It’s a big milestone, and the good thing is, she’s not ready to stop yet.

According to Microsoft, around 10 million people still play it every month, which shows that Microsoft Solitaire is growing like old wine; the older it gets, the more refined it becomes. However, solitaire games are not limited to Microsoft Windows. It got out and spread everywhere in the form of websites and apps. You don’t have to be glued to your chair for hours to play it. You can play it anywhere and anytime.

Today, there are many options for playing solitaire, each offering a unique game and different features. If you are looking for options online, here are some examples:

  1. Lonely

If you’re looking for a site with lots of solitaire variations that you fancy playing for ours, then Lonely is the place for you. It has around 500 variations including Golf, Klondike Turn 1, Klondike Turn 3 and more. Apart from being a free game, you can also download it to play offline. However, whether you are playing online or offline, you can change the difficulty level from round 1 to round 3. In round 1, you can only draw one card from the pile. On turn 3, you can draw three cards, but you can only play a third drawn card, making this a difficult problem for younger players to solve.

You can also track your performance and try to improve it if it drops. There is an 80% to 90% chance of winning. But it’s no piece of cake. One wrong move can cost you dearly in the form of a loss. Additionally, there is also an option to play the game of the day for the more competitive souls. Play the game of the day and find out how much better you can be than other players. It would be fun!

  1. Happiness Solitaire

Happiness Solitaire is an amazing game that has more than 30 variations. Forget Klondike, FreeCell, Pyramids, Spider or TriPeaks. Talk about Harp, Canfield, Spiderette, Josphine Solitaire, etc., which are unique variations that are hard to find on other sites. Moreover, its unique features like solvable game mode, different customization options, amazing animation, daily challenges and unlimited undo/redo options take the solitaire fun to a whole new level.

The best thing is that it is free or any registration. Open the site, find your variation and start playing immediately. Moreover, you also don’t have to deal with annoying ads popping up during your gameplay like heck.

  1. Brainium Solitaire

Brainium Solitaire The makers proudly call their game a new take on the classic solitaire game because it is the friendliest on the market, giving only what the users want. Brainium’s simple interface and background, decent animations, and polished music make for a pleasantly entertaining game.

It has three game modes of Draw 1 and Draw 3 in Vegas. Draw 1 is the easy mode, while Draw 3 is the hardest. Plus, unlimited customization options make this the best game to play the way you want.

  1. three dot solitaire

Tripledot Studios is known for making the best puzzle games, and three dot solitaire is also no exception. You can explore different variations of solitaire and find the game that suits you according to your design and taste. You can play games here for free as an online version or download them as an app on iOS or Android. Its other prominent features include unlimited hints, undo options, daily challenges, and customization options. The game might be called Tripledot, but it surely offers full 52 card entertainment that is undeniably the best.


In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is busy making money. Our goal is to add a few more dollars to our cash pile. In this hustle and bustle, we often neglect fun and entertainment, resulting in a dull and lethargic life. Thus, games and physical activities are important. It’s even better if you play games that are fun, entertaining, and cerebral, like solitaire. So next time you will know what to do when you want a fun game and need to use your brain in one place. Good luck!