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Polygon will launch the Web3 gaming platform

On Tuesday, the Polygon team unveiled its partnership with South Korean video game development and online publishing giant Neowiz Corporation. Through this partnership, the two platforms are set to launch a blockchain-based gaming platform that will bring some of Neowiz’s popular gaming IPs to Web3 for the first time.

Announcing the same, Polygon’s recently published blog read,

“We are delighted to reveal that Polygon is partnering with the highly popular Neowiz CorporationTogether, we will launch a brand new Web3 gaming platform, dubbed Intella X”

At launch, Intella X’s lineup will include two social casino games, while a bunch of Neowiz fan favorites are also slated for release. As for future releases, Polygon revealed,

“Several new blockchain games from the popular IP are also set to launch in 2023, alongside a new PFP NFT project…”

Polygon’s New Link to Help Users “Grow and Earn”

The gaming platform, as such, is designed to redistribute shares of all revenue generated to ecosystem contributors, as Intella uses the “Grow and Earn” system.

Users can contribute and reap the benefits in return in several ways. To get started, they can start by staking or providing liquidity in the proprietary DEX and earning returns from Intella X’s native IX token.

Here it is essential to note that the proprietary wallet, “IX Wallet” will be launched alongside the company. Built on top of Polygon’s network, the wallet is optimized for gaming services, but can also interact with any other DeFi application.

Additionally, users can earn IX by playing individual games and redeeming all offered unique game tokens for IX through the exchange. The blog revealed that projects built and published on Intella X will be compensated in IX Token.

Elaborating on how the rewards system works, Polygon noted,

“The algorithm considers both on-chain and off-chain data to determine the contribution rate for each developer’s game. This allows developers to focus on what they do best without worrying about other factors to earn their share of the monthly rewards handed out.

The hype of the game

Over the past few months, the hype for the games has died down somewhat. However, since the beginning of June, things have started to improve.

One way to measure the robustness of the space is to look at how quickly users executed NFT game-centric trades. Lately, as shown below, deals in the said genre have started to wane, hinting that players have started to return to the field.

Working with game developers and publishers like Atari, Ubisoft, Animoca, Wildcard, and Tilting point gave Polygon time to settle in and gain a dominant position in the Web3 gaming space. And now, with the gaming hype reignited, the latest partnership is likely to define and take Polygon’s position in this space to the next level.