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Polygon Network Launches Intella X Blockchain Gaming Platform

As we navigate the current crypto bear market, the gaming industry has flourished with new stories and announcements coming on a regular basis.

This recent news comes from crypto heavyweights Polygon, which has partnered with South Korean online game publisher, Neowiz.

Together, these 2 blockchain companies have organized ‘Intella X‘.

Image credits | Polygon

Announcement of the collaboration

Polygon took to Twitter earlier today to announce the new collaboration:

“Polygon and Neowiz have partnered to launch blockchain gaming platform, TeamIntella, bringing Neowiz’s popular gaming IP, including ‘Cats & Soup’ and ‘Brave Nine’, to Web3 for the first time.”

The polygon is based on top of Ethereum and is a Layer 2 solution. The advanced technology behind it has seen previous companies collaborating with them on projects such as Mercedes Benz, the infamous German automaker.

Coca Cola is also in talks with Polygon regarding the release of a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

It is clear that Polygon rubs shoulders with some of the biggest surnames. With all the activity from institutional investors in the Web3 world, maybe the downtrend is part of their plan to invest all the time?

After the full scale and global possibilities of Web3 are proven when done ethically and with an actual product/service, the sky is the limit.

Who is Neowiz?

Residing in Asia, Neowiz specializes in online crypto games, with an extensive catalog behind them.

Popular titles from this company include ‘Cats & Soup‘, ‘brave nine‘, ‘slot machine house‘ to only cite a few.

Due to their current success, these and other popular titles will be fully integrated into the Intella X platform in 2023.

Neowiz has exists since 1997 primarily creating triple-A indie games.

Previously, however, their website showed previous work crossing over to what would now be considered blockbuster game titles, FIFA Online and Battlefield Online.


Image credits | Blockchain Journalist

What features are included?

As we have seen, users can play games via blockchain take full advantage of their experience.

With Web3 there is much more to offer. The first offering comes in the form of staking, as players can stake and supply the native token in the decentralized exchange provided by Neowiz. The platform token is the IX token.

If you are a Web3 developer, there are also other opportunities to earn with the “Develop and Earn” initiative. Contributors to the Intella X system are paid in IX tokens.

Follow the release of Intella X, Neowiz launches a dedicated crypto wallet called IX Wallet. Additional access to NFT Markets, Bridges, NFT Launchpads to name a few.

It’s clear that Intella X has a lot of potential for the future. The incentives offered to users should hopefully attract users to the platform.

Current bear markets could turn bullish if announcements like this keep popping up.

However, it is important to always do due diligence on topics related to crypto and blockchain technology due to the complexities therein. Research is key before investing in anything you see on the internet!