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PlayEstates Web3 Gaming Platform launches its Fractional

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 11 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PlayEstates, a Web3 gaming platform, has launched its fractional ownership model, which allows players to own real estate assets. The team is surfing on the rise of the game to earn money in order to build a revolutionary project accessible to everyone in the world. With the launch of the fractional ownership model, PlayEstates has become the first non-fungible token (NFT) gaming platform backed by real-world real estate assets.

The real estate sector is the largest asset class in the world, and there is currently a huge fear of missing out (FOMO), especially among the younger generation. As a GameFi platform, PlayEstates has guaranteed its ecosystem to real estate, proving to be one of the strongest investment vehicles in our world, allowing users to earn and build wealth while enjoying of a variety of games and the fun that comes with it. Unlike most existing Play-to-Earn gambling platforms, PlayEstates allows its players to build wealth through gambling and own real estate assets one piece at a time. Its mission is to help the vast majority of people achieve financial independence as they seek to build generational wealth.

The Fractional Ownership Model of PlayEstates

It is a unique and one-of-a-kind marketplace design where players have fractional ownership of a real-world real estate asset. PlayEstates has an elite team of real estate professionals tasked with finding top-notch properties, with the best value for money. At PlayEstates, they understand that having a high APY is important, but so is the condition of the property and location – that’s why they only select high-quality assets in which invest. Players will own a portion of these real estate assets simply by owning the PlayEstates Fractional Token. Leveraging blockchain technology and Web3, PlayEstates has fractionated ownership of real-world assets in the form of NFTs. NFTs will serve as rewards for community members.

PlayEstates Fractional Token (PFT) is essential to the functionality of this model. Real assets provide stable collateral not only for PFT tokens but also for the platforms utility token, OWND, which allows holders to transact, play games and earn rewards in different games PlayEstate. Anyone can be a player and enjoy games supported by ESTATEs and earn OWND tokens in the process. Players will also have a chance to win PFTs which represent fractional ownership of real estate and serve as proof of ownership. Traditional real estate assets are generally illiquid; therefore, it is often difficult to sell them quickly. However, with PFTs, one can easily sell whenever one wants.

These fractional tokens from PlayEstates provide holders with many opportunities such as owning an increased percentage of real estate assets and earning passive income. PFT holders can also sell the token for cash or exchange it for other cryptocurrencies. They can also participate in decision-making processes within the PlayEstates ecosystem. PlayEstates also introduces the Membership Token that users can use as a gateway to their platform.

About Play Estates

PlayEstates is the first blockchain-based gaming platform to allow players to own real estate assets. The platform combines an exciting gaming experience with real income opportunities in real estate ownership. It allows players to reduce the uncertainty of owning unsecured crypto assets. Unlike other GameFi projects, the ecosystem of PlayEstates allows users to create and accumulate wealth over time. Users can decide to sell for quick profits, or they can choose to accumulate assets and build a single portfolio for the future. The founders of the project have combined experience in gaming, real estate, venture capital and the international business market. According to the team, they aim to help gamers around the world get their own home, starting with fractional ownership of real estate assets.

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