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Pacsun allows customers to open metaverse shops on a popular gaming platform

A retailer specializing in teenage clothing is dramatically expanding its presence on the Roblox digital gaming platform.

Pacsun is opening up a fantastic interactive shopping mall experience on Roblox called Pacworld. Working with existing game development studio partner Melon, Pacsun will expand its existing catalogs of virtual items on Roblox, first launched in June 2021, by allowing customers to sell its virtual goods in personalized digital malls. .

In this new social and commercial metaverse environment (where consumers use augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technology to digitally interact with each other and their surroundings, with crossovers into the physical world), customers can virtually become owners and operators of a new mall, and their goal is to make the mall as profitable and popular as possible. Customers will be able to create and delete stores, upgrade well-functioning stores, decorate the mall to try to attract more customers, and invite their friends to visit their mall.

Pacsun shoppers will be able to customize their malls with style and aesthetics that can be purchased with their “Robux” virtual income they earn through experience. The starting point is a sunny beach island reminiscent of Pacsun’s headquarters in Southern California, where players can choose land for their custom mall on which they can then build their stores.

Stores are the main aspect of the game, and each store will generate its own virtual income to add to the player’s overall virtual income earned in the experience. As a mall’s popularity increases and it is visited by more and more shoppers, players can upgrade their mall by adding new stores and restaurants, as well as decorations such as plants, furniture and murals.

Pacworld is somewhat reminiscent of Nikeland, a global virtual environment sports brand that Nike launched on Roblox in November 2021. Nikeland includes virtual buildings and terrains, as well as detailed arenas where Roblox players compete in various mini-games. With the Nikeland Toolkit, users can design their own mini-games from interactive sports gear, and a digital showroom allows customers to outfit their Nikeland avatar with special Nike virtual merchandise.

Other companies, including Obsess and TerraZero Technologies, have also opened or plan to open malls in the metaverse. Pacsun is taking an exciting step by allowing customers to build malls and sell merchandise in its branded virtual environment. The company did not say if or how virtual profits will be shared with consumers.

Pacworld allows up to six players to build malls next to each other, while the Roblox platform allows players to access any server to visit a mall. Pacworld is available now on Roblox, with virtual goods to be revealed in April 2022.

“Innovation and creativity are at the heart of the Pacsun brand voice, and we see our audience as the cultural pioneers of the future. As we speak to an all-digital generation, we recognize that Gen Z values ​​community and accessibility more than any other generation, and we’ve joined Roblox to further strengthen that connectivity with our consumers,” said Brie Olson, President of Pacsun. “Given they use Roblox as a socializing point, we knew that to build our strong emotional resonance as a brand, we needed to continue building alongside them in the gaming world.”

“While it’s important for us to follow our customers through digital touchpoints, we understand that in-store purchases are still relevant,” said Alfred Chang, co-CEO of Pacsun. “Through Pacworld, we give gamers and consumers the reins to create their space and build it from the ground up. It combines fantasy with the traditional feel of the store, through a digital lens in a highly interactive way.