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Operator: how to choose a gaming platform

The boom in the betting market in Brazil has inspired many new entrepreneurs to enter the sector. However, choosing a gaming platform to develop your work is not such a simple task. Many industry newbies think, “Should I build my website from scratch?” No.

Even so, selecting sports betting software is something that requires attention to every detail. So let’s talk about the most important points to note in this task.

Software is not all the same

Despite the similarities, some providers offer higher quality platforms compared to others. Some features may be critical to your success, such as:

Pre-match and live betting

This feature allows bettors to place bets before and during matches. Sites that bring this differential have the potential to attract more players to their platform.

Variety of sports and markets

The diversification of betting options is directly related to the type of software used by the platform. Therefore, offering different sports and interesting markets can make the difference.

However, there is one caveat: you need to know the audience you are looking for. Because often there is no point in offering endless options of sports and markets, if your aim is to appeal to the lay public who like to bet on football, for example.

On the other hand, depending on your business plan, offering different sports and very specific markets may appeal to more experienced bettors, for example.

Finally, an equation between quantity, quality and market objective is essential to select the best software.

Consider the facilities and benefits you will enjoy as an operator

In your daily life, you need to know if the management of the platform corresponds to your business model. Some points may weigh in the choice:

Does the system allow a simple and complete management of players?

Are the reports you will have access to easy to understand?

Does the platform support multiple languages?

Does the system monitor betting and gaming limits?

Does it support multiple views and currencies? These are points of attention to be taken into account.

Keep your eyes on the audience of the future

We all know the Brazilian is a die-hard football fan. But some modalities have become a competition and, therefore, have attracted a lot of young players.

E-sports are conquering the sports betting industry every day. The platforms are structured to offer competitive betting options for multiplayer, tournaments and teams. Games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, Counter-Strike have become increasingly popular.

So-called virtual sports are also on the rise. This type of sports betting is based on a selection of games with fixed odds, determined by a random number generator (RNG).

Information from real games and player characteristics are used to develop virtual sports betting. Today, the most popular virtual sports in the world are football, hockey and horse racing.

Security and privacy are essential

Betting operators manage a large volume of financial resources and personal data. Therefore, the chosen platform must ensure that the information and funds of its users are truly safe and secure.

Many betting platforms use top notch encryption software. This helps ensure that potential partners are safe with their users’ information.

Good payment methods

An extremely important factor in determining the quality of betting software is the variety and quality of payment methods available.

With this feature, operators can assess their revenue streams, calculate costs and track transfers. Additionally, offering multiple payment options can help gaming platforms determine which games are the most profitable to mine.

Fraud management

Another point that should be considered is fraud management systems. Interestingly, the software is designed to effectively monitor any fraudulent activity on its platform.

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