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Onmo Game Platform’s New Campaign Captures Every Gamer’s Feeling of Joy

ONMO, OnMobile’s social esports mobile cloud gaming platform recently released a new “Just Beat It” campaign conceptualized by Lowe Lintas Bangalore showcasing the feelings gamers experience which is akin to floating on a cloud. The campaign is live and is promoted across the brand’s online channels and other offline mediums.

The launch campaign movie created by Lintas C:EX captures the feeling of joy that every player feels when playing on ONMO. Featuring people of all ages, the film invites players to choose their battlegrounds and battle for the high score so they can beat their opponents.

ONMO combines current trends such as social gaming, casual short games, and esports supported by cloud gaming and vision AI technologies into a unique mobile gaming offering. As online gaming has become accessible to almost everyone, ONMO takes gameplay innovation one step further with its short-form game proposition.

ONMO is the perfect place for casual gamers who like to take short breaks or have fun for short periods of time, to pass their time with the mobile games they enjoy the most. ONMO brings many popular casual games to a single platform where players can compete in short format games to dominate the leaderboard. These innovations make the game easy and fun without wasting too much time.

Commenting on the first campaign, Pallavi Nayak, Global Head of Marketing, ONMO said, “Small entertainment is on the rise across social media and digital platforms. ONMO meets this specific demand by offering curated snack times across popular game titles. Our first “Just Beat It” campaign celebrates the joy of winning and competing against peers without being glued to the mobile screen for too long. Short entertainment has created an opportunity for casual gamers to become part of the esports universe and we are confident that our gamers will use ONMO as a go-to platform for the games they enjoy!”

Speaking of highlighting the cloud in a symbolic way, Sonali Khanna, Executive Director and Head of Lowe Lintas, South, said, “Winning a single-player game has its moments, but beating your friends and family online is a cloud nine. . By giving players a chance to compete anytime, anywhere and across a multitude of games, ONMO delivers instant gratification no matter what you do. Our campaign shines a light on how mundane daily routines are transformed into OMG moments, simply by accessing the cloud.

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