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Nicholas Licata Building a Next Level Gaming Platform: Enter, Blocky LLC

Blocky LLC is an American company that provides a multitude of game-based services, specializing in server setups, management services, and Discord setups.

Nicholas Licata, CEO of Blocky LLC, is an expert in game server hosting and management. Even before evolving into an LLC, the Blocky team has been working on the management of Minecraft servers for almost a decade:

“At Blocky LLC, we provide quality services for server setups, management services, and Discord setups. We are known to manage Minecraft servers of all sizes. We have been working in the gaming industry since 2013 and as a company since 2021,” said Nicholas.

As one of the leading Minecraft server management companies, Blocky has worked with many top clients in its field including Melon SMP, Mineglobe, Gridcraft, Minealong, Jackpot MC, Havoc Games, The Mining Dead, Chasecraft , Mining, etc.

Additionally, Blocky LLC has collaborated with various gaming industry influencers including Bazerk, Unspeakable Gaming, Preston Playz, Mr. Woofless, Cyclone Plays and others.

Blocky’s impeccable online reputation precedes him, as evidenced by his impressive stats; With over 8 million unique users and over 15 million video views across major video hosting and streaming platforms, Blocky is the go-to company for casual and professional gamers who need high-end game servers. quality.

Nicholas Licata works diligently with his team of trusted gaming experts to create a global community-centric platform where players can order premium server building services, server management services, build new friendships and be part of the rapidly growing Block Club.

One of the most notable steps towards realizing Nicholas’ dreams was the official launch of Blocky LLC’s public Discord channel on March 17. While still a work in progress, the Blocky Discord channel has already brought together a host of gaming enthusiasts, influencers, and customers under one banner.

Nicholas Licata, the founder of Blocky LLC, has already prepared separate channels for brainstorming new ideas, showcasing past work, and information for new members. Additionally, the Blocky team has created exclusive Blocky wallpapers for all Discord channel members to freely download and use, showcasing Blocky’s work while enjoying the beautiful graphics.

Nicholas is also CEO and Founder of Azerith™, an exquisite clothing brand based in Rochester, New York. Azerith™ has graced the US apparel market with premium wearables and accessories since 2019. Nicholas described Azerith’s mission as follows:

“We believe in providing our customers with quality clothing, advice, support and insight into how we work. Everything we design is created in the USA, and we make sure to give our customers a fair price. We want to combine entertainment, fantasy and clothing in the near future,” said Nicholas.

Blocky LLC owns and operates one of the largest survival multiplayer Minecraft servers in the world, the Melon SMP. With an enviable uptime percentage of 99.6%, over 2,400 votes, and a well-maintained dedicated Discord channel, Melon SMP’s current global ranking position is number 6. Globally, Melon SMP has been ranked between 15th and 5th place on the most popular voting sites. in industry.

Blocky LLC continues to refine its game server creation and management services, inspired by the speed at which its community is growing. More information about Blocky LLC can be found on the brand’s official website.

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