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Netflix hopes to boost its games platform with a new program in Finland

While a recent report indicates that only 1% of Netflix users enjoy the games section of the platform, a lag has made the company reluctant to expand its games department. With the new game studio in Finland recently reported, there has been a new game studio in Helsinki. According to its official website, the announcement comes from Netflix immediately. Amir Rahimi, VP of Netflix Game Studios, released the following statement:

We are delighted today to establish a game studio in Helsinki, Finland, and Marko Lastikka is the studio director. It’s a step in our vision to build a world-class game studio. Upcoming events bring a variety of fantastical and deeply engaging original games with no ads and no over-the-counter purchases for our hundreds of millions of members around the world.

Rahimi explained that the reason for building a new studio in Finland is not only home to the world’s best gaming talent, it will also be close to Next Games, the studio behind Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales, which Netflix acquired. Last year.

Netflix bought other smaller studios with Next Games, including Boss Fight Entertainment and Night School Studios, best known for producing indie films Oxenfree. It will be interesting to see how this new studio helps the platform push gaming content, so be sure to read the new blog post.