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Mobile gaming platform VersusGame partners with BuzzFeed

NEW YORK, May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Popular mobile gaming platform VersusGame officially announces its partnership with BuzzFeed. Since its launch in 2019, VersusGame has grown rapidly and risen to the top of the prediction market, allowing its users to make culture predictions directly through the VersusGame app, its mobile website, Snapchat and Instagram. .

BuzzFeed, Inc. is the most diverse, online and socially engaged digital media company the world has ever seen. The brand has over 780 million hours of content consumed in 2021 alone, making it first in terms of time spent among Gen Z and Millennials.

VersusGame is a social prediction platform that has captivated an ever-growing market of users who want to lean in and play knowledge and skill-based games against their friends, celebrities, and anyone. The platform has become an international sensation in entertainment and pop culture, attracting advertising from brands such as Mountain Dew, Samsung and GoPuff. VersusGame is the world’s number one prediction app allowing users to capitalize on their knowledge of the dominant culture. People can play for fun and for free and can win cash and other prizes.

BuzzFeed joins a growing list of publishers like Billboard and celebrities like multi-platinum entertainer Jason Derulo who have created prediction games on VersusGame to engage with their audiences. As part of its partnership with VersusGame, building on the success of BuzzFeed’s highly engaged native quiz and poll content, BuzzFeed will be posting questions that will cover pop culture and entertainment topics. “We’re always excited to explore new ways to engage with our audience and inspire connection, and VersusGame does that in innovative ways,” said Jess Probus, SVP of BuzzFeed Editorial. “We’re thrilled to offer our audience a new outlet to obsess over what’s happening in pop culture.”

“Both platforms are a perfect match. With BuzzFeed’s cross-platform distribution strategies in full swing, VersusGame hopes to elevate both platforms above the industry, serving as a natural extension of the brand and offering something something truly unique on the market today.” Says VersusGame Founder & CEO John Vitti.

Creating a prediction game in VersusGame takes less than 60 seconds. The BuzzFeed Editorial Team Will Publish Games On his pagewhere users can play against their friends or other players on the platform.

With a long pipeline of launch-ready partners, VersusGame is investing significant product development resources to enable media companies, publishers, gaming brands and podcasters to deepen their engagement with users and creators, generate invaluable consumer insights and expand the interactive revenue pie. for everyone.

About VersusGame
VersusGame is a global entertainment mobile game product that allows users to leverage their knowledge of mainstream culture. Many creators and brands have used the platform to build excitement with an actively participating interactive audience because VersusGames gives them value for their time. VersusGame gives creators and brands the platform to promote interactive content to millions of people at once while giving them the ability to play games in 1v1 pairs and win cash prizes when they win. VersusGame is the world’s number one prediction app.

About BuzzFeed, Inc.
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