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Miss BingoPlus Lucky embodies the pleas of the online gaming platform

Fil-Canadian Jasmine Paguio finished second in the beauty pageant with a Miss Philippines Earth cause, but for the BingoPlus community of players, game developers, employees, partner brands, institutions and beneficiaries, she is their queen.

The 23-year-old actress and model who grew up in Canada but returned to the Philippines to seek a career in acting and pageantry was chosen as Miss BingoPlus Lucky from among 36 contestants in the Miss Philippines Earth finals who held on August 6 in Coron, Palawan.

Miss BingoPlus Lucky, Wire-Canadian Jasmine Paguio

It was his courageous and playful personality coupled with his sincere concern and dedication to the environment that made him stand out to BingoPlus officials as the ideal person to embody the company’s own advocacy.

“She has a great personality that reflects both her outer and inner beauty. Her courage to pursue her dreams and her passion by leaving the country where she grew up and jumping into the Philippines is admirable. Her faith and confidence in herself and her desire to share her advocacy by educating others about saving our planet is remarkable.She is a fun and upbeat person, embodying the same characteristics we look for in everyone who works at BingoPlus, and the same vision shared by our partners and patrons,” said Jasper Vicencio, president of AB Leisure Exponent Inc.

“We’ve been taught to reduce, reuse and recycle since we were young. Although it may seem simple, the task of recycling and proper waste management is more complex than it seems. If a bad item is recycled incorrectly, tons of recyclable items are thrown into landfills daily. This is why I am advocating for a change in our education system where we can properly teach young people the importance of good waste management and how to recycle properly. This way we can have full confidence that correct knowledge will be passed on to future generations and we can contribute to a more sustainable way of life from an early age,” said Miss Paguio.

As Miss BingoPlus Lucky, she will participate in the brand’s corporate social responsibility projects led by its parent company, Leisure & Resorts World Corporation. It will also actively promote BingoPlus through various events and spread the value of entertainment and fun while sharing the responsible gaming message.

“Miss BingoPlus Lucky will inspire our employees and prove that you can still serve others while having fun helping save the environment,” Mr. Vicencio added.

I want to not only advocate for change, but be part of that change. I want to continue to spread my message, share my passion, help educate others and above all save our planet,” said Miss BingoPlus Lucky.