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Microsoft scales Xbox cloud gaming platform to reach new markets and devices

Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available in 28 countries

This week, Microsoft announced the expansion of its Xbox cloud gaming platform both in terms of geography and device compatibility. Gamers in Argentina and New Zealand now have access to Xbox Cloud Gaming on their phones, tablets and PCs today. And later this month, a new Xbox TV app will let eligible users play games from Microsoft’s cloud gaming library on Samsung smart TVs.

Referring to the first piece of news, Catherine Gluckstein, Vice President and Product Manager for Xbox Cloud Gaming, said, “We’ve continually heard from gamers in Argentina and New Zealand saying that access to Xbox Cloud Gaming is a priority and we are delighted to make it a reality.

Last September, Microsoft launched the service in Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Japan. Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available in 28 countries, 27 of which are on the list to access the imminent Xbox TV app, an announcement that goes to the heart of what makes cloud gaming cool: users can now play games on their TVs – old fashioned – without an Xbox console.

By running a game on a nearby server and streaming it to the player, cloud gaming frees the player from the limitations of relying on a computer or console with powerful and expensive graphics and hardware to play a game. Much of the market growth can be attributed to advanced connectivity technologies, particularly 5G, which provides the required low latency and high-speed connectivity along with the ability to handle the high data demands expected from subscribers to mobile devices. game platforms.

Microsoft said that while it has only partnered with Samsung at this time, Ashley McKissick, vice president of Xbox gaming experiences and platforms, said the company is “exploring” other television partnerships “as part of this next evolution in [the company’s] vision.”