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Meta Pushes Crayta Collaborative Gaming Platform To Users Opposed To Metaverse

The news: Meta seeks to give the tired metaverse a stepping stone to the future via Craytaa platform that allows users to co-develop and play games with their friends.

  • The company makes Crayta available on Game on Facebookcloud streaming service.

Crayta 101: Meta bought Unit 2, the UK-based studio behind Crayta, in June 2021.

  • The Unreal Engine 4-based collaborative game creation platform comes with a developer toolkit that makes game development more accessible, on mobile or desktop. Up to 20 users can work on a game simultaneously.
  • Crayta has a repository of thousands of user-created games that users can explore or add by their own efforts.
  • Although Crayta has some similarities with Roblox in terms of game creation, it also borrows from Fortnite.
  • Originally a Google Stadia exclusive, Crayta was released on the Epic Games Store last year.

Why is this important: Meta wants to be king of the metaverse, hence its name change from Facebook Inc. last October. Incidentally, its new stock symbol, META, replaced FB on the Nasdaq on Thursday.

  • Horizon WorldsMeta’s social virtual reality (VR) platform, surpassed 300,000 monthly active users earlier this year (although it’s only available to ages 18 and older in the US and Canada) and attracted advertisers such as Wendy’s. This week the company folded its Horizon Venues appwhich allows users to access basketball games, concerts and 3D VR experiences, in Horizon Worlds, which should make Worlds more useful.
  • VR headset Quest 2 sold nearly 15 million units, by IDC estimates, with an IDC analyst calling it “the most successful VR headset to date”. For comparison, the PlayStation 5 officially sold 20 million units.
  • 45% of American adults Meta most associated with metaverse in a January poll by Ipsos, a wide margin over Google and Microsoft at 22% and 18%.

A springboard : In the announcement, the CEO Mark Zuckerberg proven that users can create and enjoy these types of 2D experiences, even within the Facebook app or on desktop.

  • It’s a signal that the company recognizes that not all internet users want to dive into the depths of the metaverse.
  • Meta understands very well that immersion is a continuumwith platforms like Roblox and Fortnite occupying a lower rung, Horizon Worlds and Decentraland being slightly higher – and no doubt even more immersive experiences to come.