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MaziMatic is a cutting-edge entertainment and gaming platform that aims to benefit gamers while providing unlimited entertainment.

MaziMatic means “together with #Polygon”. The name comes from two Greek words, “Mazi” which means “Together” and “Matic” which means Polygon.

MaziMatic is a first revolutionary project launched in this vertical. The token that will power this project is the MaziMatic token. The project plans to create an advanced entertainment and gaming platform. The project aims to provide various places for users to play and gain benefits through various entertainment metaverses. The MaziMatic platform will also include NFT collections and different virtual worlds for unlimited entertainment like Gaming Den Metaverse, PartyVerse, Trading Floor, InfluencerVerse, and AdventureVerse.

The project should be launched in distinct phases. The first three elements of the project that will be launched are the NFTs, MaziMatic Token and the Phase-1 metaverse, gaming den. The other metaverses will be launched later on a scheduled period. Backed by blockchain experts with extensive experience in the fintech industry, MaziMatic will be the first virtual world of its kind for gaming lair players. While other platforms provide regular game services, MaziMatic goes the extra mile to make the whole experience rewarding. The project envisions a virtual lifestyle for every player in this alternate universe.

The roadmap to come:

Taking it to a whole new level, MaziMatic has a one-of-a-kind Metaverse gaming lair. It is the world’s first multi-license game den in the Metaverse. This new Metaverse is said to synergize with famous gaming dens from different cities around the world, like Las Vegas, Macau, and Monte Carlo. This super safe and secure metaverse gaming lair aims to be an ideal destination to play, enjoy and hang out with friends around the world. Moreover, the ecosystem of this virtual gambling den will be completely decentralized and powered by its proprietary crypto token, the MaziMatic token.

Check out the game trailer and original gameplay at :

MaziMatic is releasing their limited-edition NFTs tied to their gaming lair in the Metaverse. These NFTs sport a suite of flashy, formal, jazzy, and understated looks.

There are three categories of NFT:

– Accessories: Watches, Clothes, Sneakers and Cars

– Lady Luck / Gentleman’s Jack: Mixed reality NFT with real companions in the metaverse

– Private tables: Exclusive private name tables with direct sharing

Uses of NFTs:

– Monthly benefits

– NFT location in the Metaverse

– Early access to private token sales

NFT Accessories:

NFT accessories include NFT watches, clothes, sneakers and cars. The owner of these NFTs will enjoy the above benefits and enjoy huge rental income.

Lady Luck / Gentleman’s Jack:

With these NFTs, their mixed reality metaverse comes into play. An NFT that will allow users to rent a companion for the time they spend inside the metaverse, paying their rental fee.

Private tables:

Private name tables exclusive by MaziMatic, where the owner of the NFTs can restrict which users they want to join by a secret password.

MaziMatic: the world’s first mixed reality metaverse:

MaziMatic’s goal has always been to connect real-world entertainment with experience in the metaverse. All of MaziMatic’s sub-metaverses are mixed reality focused. Thus, they add the real events that occur in your daily life to your metaverse experience.

To add Mixed Reality to the Metaverse, MaziMatic brings:

Gaming Den in the Metaverse: There will be a live person based on the studios. So, no AI involved. Unlimited entries, live performers and yes, we have over 700 games inside.

PartyVerse: Several popular artists will perform live in the metaverse

Flooring: Live trading on all cryptos, stocks, forex, etc. using AWS virtual machines. It all starts with a simple phone connection.

Adventure verse: Hardware-based Metaverse project, scheduled to launch in 2023.

InfluencerVerse: It’s as simple as buying the best NFT influencers and having a chance to meet them in the metaverse. Buyers can choose location, gift and all.

The MaziMatic Metaverse Multiverse:

Apart from playing games, users have many places to relax inside this metaverse. Beautiful beaches, gorgeous parks, paved paths for celebratory parades, and star-studded clubs are just some of the many attractions. Entering these surreal places allows you to befriend influencers, party with friends, and enjoy rides and adventure activities. Users can also make a style statement inside the Gaming Den Metaverse with their grand entrance via posh cars and super yachts walking the red carpet. All of these can be held and traded as NFTs. This metaverse experience created different realms for different experiences. If a person is in the mood to party, PartyVerse creates the mood dedicated exclusively to nightclubs and jaw-dropping parties. With DJs and pole dancers performing around the clock, this is for sure a happening place in the metaverse ecosystem. Users will have the power to instantly switch to another game of their choice with a click. Users also have the choice to party with celebrities and influencers of their choice. For those who enjoy visiting popular attractions like Dubai Water Parks or Shanghai UV Studios, the AdventureVerse is built. To enjoy the adventure, users only need to wear their VR headsets. The AdventureVerse is designed to bring home the most exotic experiences right inside the MaziMatic platform.

MaziMatic is not only Metaverse but an entertainment hub without VR:

This project is destined to become the most sought after metaverse destination. But it’s not just for people to experience the metaverse. Users without access to VR will still be able to access, enjoy and enjoy across all MaziMatic platforms. Built on technology that bridges VR apps with Android, iOS, Windows, and Web apps, MaziMatic is set to change the way people experience entertainment.

The MaziMatic VR experience:

This metaverse will be filled with jaw-dropping experiences like yacht parties, dance clubs, and wild rides, while on the other hand, it has some of the most fantastic and brilliant gaming interiors to play as a pro and win. Users decide to enter the Gaming Den Metaverse to play and enjoy. They stay inside for a plethora of experiences and have endless fun on the virtual platform.

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