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LuvBug Learning’s social-emotional gaming platform makes its global debut

LuvBug Learning proudly announces the launch of its Emotional social gaming platformallowing children from 4 to 11 years old to face both the virtual and real world.

Over 70% of parents are concerned about the impact of technology on children. Plus, parents are looking for answers to safely introduce kids to technology. “LuvBug uses social-emotional learning to disarm the digital revolution, promoting happy, healthy and playful learning,” said Dr. Jodi Gold, child psychiatrist at the Gold Center in New York. “LuvBug’s mission is to be attentive to the needs of children and to cultivate genuine social and emotional learning. It’s a real game changer.”

Designed by world experts in education, developmental psychology and pediatric psychiatry, children work their way through 5 levels of difficulty encompassing socio-emotional basics, as topics and scenarios become more and more complex. With advanced graphics, animations, and gameplay, LuvBug hopes to raise the bar for online learning for children, worldwide. The onboarding process includes an animated character named Violet, who effectively guides users through the platform, introducing 3D games and villages. With Violet’s encouragement, children gain confidence in the platform with little or no supervision.

Children can learn at their own pace with the growing catalog of videos, games and 3D villages, all embracing fundamental social-emotional pillars, such as: empathy, self-awareness and self-regulation. “Learning through play is a powerful springboard for advancing children’s knowledge, especially if children are naturally drawn to our games. Instead, our entire platform is built to the highest standards typical of some of the major games. With the combined goals of safety, fun, and learning, LuvBug promotes positive screen time, with the goal of improving the emotional and mental health of children and families everywhere. said Craig Gagliano, CEO and Founder of LuvBug Learning.

Available with Home and School modules, LuvBug offers a digital dashboard to customize things like screen time usage while providing learning outcomes for parents and teachers to participate in learning progress. ‘child.

Available on the website ( or APP stores, with monthly, annual and lifetime subscriptions, all providing access to interactive videos and games; integrated with social emotional lessons