Virtual worlds

K Sera Sera and Vikram Bhatt’s Studio Virtual Worlds will create history in the world of entertainment

Bombay, Maharashtra, India:
As originally announced in March 2022, K Sera Sera & Vikram Bhatt’s Studio Virtual Worlds – India’s First & Largest LED Virtual Production Studio is delighted to inform that Virtual Content Production has started to beat its full as it will release 5 movies this year starting with “Judaa Hoke Bhi” starring Akshay Oberoi, directed by Vikram Bhatt to be released on July 15, 2022, which will be the first Indian film entirely shot in the virtual production studio using unreal engine technology. Other than that, the next tentative releases are “Khilaune” on September 16, “1920 Horror of the Heart” on October 14, “Hacked” and “Impossible” in December.

Studio Virtual Worlds is set to release 25 films next year. The studio will collaborate and finance both mainstream Hindi films, regional films, OTT projects, music videos, TV and web series, K Sera Sera Group Chairman Mr. Satish Panchariya said.

“Virtual production is the future of production. This is where we get a new reality. K Sera Sera and I, along with my mentor Mahesh Bhatt, have partnered to enable not just us but all of industry to profit and make use of what we have learned. We want to serve the whole industry to make bigger, better and cheaper movies. That is our goal and Mr. Satish Panchariya of K Sera Sera and we all have the same vision, the same dream. Our company motto is very simple: More for less. We will forever change the way films are made,” says Vikram Bhatt.

Mahesh Bhatt adds, “You can’t entertain 21st century audiences with 20th century technology and stories. K Sera Sera and Vikram Bhatt joined hands and bought their wisdom which they pulled from the ground. They know people’s heartbeats. of this country and people who consume entertainment overseas and having understood and experienced this, they have now set up this studio that will baffle the world not just in our backyard but everywhere. So, as they say, you always remember the first one. The first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong, the first man on Everest, Tenzing Norgay, the first man to set foot in the virtual world and create LED magic, Vikram Bhatt and K Sera Sera. It’s the future. We are talking about the future.”

It is India’s first and largest virtual production studio, located in Mumbai, making it easy for the crew and actors to travel. The farthest possible location will now be close to home.

The virtual production studio aims to serve the media industry with all possible, impossible and imaginable worlds. Overall, Virtual Worlds will be India’s first end-to-end virtual production studio. Landscapes, interiors, large sets, small sets, apartments, airports, stations, hospitals, courts, prisons, spaceships – you name it and you will have it. This studio will provide directors with innovative shooting methods, a new age technical team, visualizations, post-production, editing and support on the unreal engine according to their needs.

K Sera Sera has been in the 360 ​​degree media and entertainment business of film production, distribution and exhibition for the past two decades. The company produced blockbusters such as Sarkar, Sarkar Raj, Partner, Golmaal, Ab Tak Chhappan and distributed over 100 blockbuster movies. K Sera Sera with its innovative digital technology is one of India’s leading digital service providers. Its technology is used by more than 1800 partner cinemas worldwide and more than 800 partner cinemas in India. K Sera Sera processes nearly 1000 regional and Bollywood content each year. K Sera Sera was also the first to introduce HD technology to the Indian film industry. The company also owns a Miniplex cinema chain under the brand name K Sera Sera Miniplex and Chhotu Maharaj Cine Café, which is the world’s first domed dinner project that is revolutionizing the Indian cinema industry as it will bring basic level cinema at very affordable rates. K Sera Sera has booked over 350 Chhotu Maharaj cinemas across India and the company aims to open 9,000 cinemas in the near future which will be a new revolution in the cinema industry.