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‘Just A Game’ Announces the Launch of an Exciting New Blockchain NFT Gaming Platform

The platform incorporates the use of unique dynamic NFTs that change during a game.

LONDON, UK, Aug. 4, 2022 / — The developers of Just A Game are pleased to announce the launch of their revolutionary NFT blockchain gaming platform.

Just A Game (JAG) is a blockchain gaming platform that creates and launches fun and interactive games through its innovative dynamic NFT technology. The platform was specifically designed to put its community first – a strategy firmly embedded in its mission statement and business operations.

JAG’s first game, Founders, is an elimination adventure card game that can be played by buying 1 of the 3000 NFT players that will level up during the game. Once Founders is complete, the developers will add more NFT features in subsequent games, making it one of the most unique and innovative platforms in the NFT space.

“With Just A Game, we are focused on developing NFT frameworks that any other game developer can easily use to develop their own games,” says platform co-founder Dugan Lane. “With our first game, Founders, we are releasing 3,000 NFTs that will not only be used in-game, but will also provide significant rewards and access to all owners as the JAG platform continues to progress in development and that more and more games are released.. It really is a community project.

“Additionally, we believe you should be able to use your existing NFT in all future games,” Lane continues. “For example, you can start as a soldier with a rifle in our 17th century adventure game, but also evolve into a war pilot in a future Metaverse shooter. Or you can improve your shooting skills through first person shooter skill games.The more games we introduce over time, the greater the chance to evolve the power and rarity of your NFT.

Founders: Season 1 will begin when all NFTs are sold. Investors can submit their email to be on the coveted whitelist for a chance to buy one of 3000 NFTs.

For more information on Just A Game or to whitelist, please visit

About Just a Game

Just A Game was created in late 2021 by seasoned professionals with over 20 years of experience launching, scaling, and building software platforms and technologies. The team has also been involved in the blockchain space for more than 8 years and has the expertise to create new software projects and adapt them to the market.

The company was founded after its developers saw the potential of using dynamic NFTs in the gaming environment. Its goal is to focus on creating games and NFT frameworks that other developers can use to create their own games, all of which are mostly on-chain.

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