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Iskra: the new Web 3.0 gaming platform

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The advent of blockchain technology has brought to life the possibility of a decentralized, user-controlled Internet, Web 3.0. As Web 3.0 began to outgrow the modus operandi of basic operations, it found its way into activities like games.

Web 3.0 makes it possible to integrate blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and cryptocurrencies with games. It sheds a new light on the game, making it user-centric, decentralized and economically beneficial.

Web 3.0 allows the integration of age-old games into the metaverse. While the Web 3.0 gaming movement was orchestrated by Axie Infinity, platforms like Gala Games and Forte are bringing innovation and redefining the space.

Because of Web 3.0’s promise to return ownership and fair economic gains to users and creators, investors around the world are looking for new ideas to back with funds to achieve this. One such move was seen on April 5, 2022 in Singapore, where over $30 million was invested in a new blockchain-based gaming platform called Iskra.

Iskra’s list of investors includes notable and highly rated companies in Asia. Investors include Krust Universe, Fast Ventures, WeMade Games, Neowiz, Liberty Investment, MetaBora, Kakao Ventures, and NHN Bigfoot, among others. Some of the investors would be responsible for most of the initial content that would be available on the platform at launch.

This seed fund placed Iskra in the ranks of Gala Games and Forte of America and established itself as a top player in Asia. The Iskra team is made up of people who have been involved in some of Korea’s successful crypto projects like Icon Loop and LINE and have worked for companies like Tencents and Dayli Financial.

Iskra: not the usual start-up

iskra is a web 3.0 gaming platform built on the blockchain to redefine the way existing game models were published and played. It aims to spearhead Web 3.0 gaming by creating common ground for developers, investors, and gamers to shape their experience.

Iskra aims to be the leading platform for blockchain entertainment. The platform would be built seamlessly with blockchain integrations that allow every player to have fun and earn crypto rewards, while developers will leverage the platform to accelerate adoption and reach new users. Iskra provides sustainable tokenomic solutions for game studios, allowing them to focus on creating amazing gaming experiences.

Iskra’s goal is to accelerate Web 3.0 adoption between mainstream and early adopters by delivering sustainability, experiences, and the latest blockchain technologies. This goal would be achieved by using its initial funding to launch next-generation Web 3.0 gaming experiences through its platform.

Pioneering NFTs, $ISK Tokens, and Community Rewards

Iskra says it rewards pioneers by offering Pioneer NFTs, which grant the holder the right to operate a network node that helps distribute computing and secure the network. In return, node holders and operators receive some of the highest rewards in the ecosystem. Only 40,000 Pioneer NFTs will be created and can only be redeemed after the 30,000th Pioneer NFT is sold.

$ISK is the platform’s native coin and the only currency that can be used to purchase the Pioneer NFT after the coin’s IDO. $ISK would serve as a governance token that holders can use to pay, propose, and vote for changes on the platform, as well as pay for platform fees and other on-chain transactions. 40% of the total supply of the native governance $ISK token will be distributed as rewards to Pioneer NFT owners and operators, forming a fundamental part of its overall tokenomics.

Community stakeholders are made up of gamers, game developers, and investors. Interests are aligned by returning community rewards to stakeholders based on their participation in the platform.

Although it is a new platform, Iskra has already set out to implement innovations and surpass the Web 3.0 gaming space with its platform.

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice.