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Indian Gaming Platform Metaverse Battle Infinity Launches IBAT Token on Pancakeswap Exchange

India, August 17, 2022 / AlexaBlockchain/ – Infinity Battlethe India-based metaverse gaming platform, launches its first exchange on Wednesday, August 17.

Trading of its IBAT token will begin at 16:00 UTC on the decentralized exchange Pancakeswap. Pancakeswap is the largest exchange running on the BNB smart chain of giant global crypto trading platform Binance.

The Battle Infinity IBAT token presale started on July 11, 2022 and sold out in 25 days, which is 65 days ahead of the originally scheduled end date.

At that time, the blockchain-based project, which initially targets the fantasy sports market, raised 16,530 BNB after demand exceeded supply.

Battle Infinity has raised $5.2 million from enthusiastic investors in just 25 days

BNB is the token of the Binance exchange and is currently valued at $316, which means the US dollar value of the fundraiser was $5.2 million.

IBAT’s total token supply is 10 billion and 28% was on sale to the public, priced at $0.0015. There is no vesting period for presale investors.

The launch of Battle Infinity has become something of a national event in India.

Battle Infinity has captured the public imagination by showcasing India’s talent in software engineering and business acumen, as the country celebrates the 75th anniversary of India’s independence.

Delhi’s Battle Infinity Launch Party Captures the Imagination of Indian Audiences

A launch party to mark the occasion of IBAT listing is taking place in Delhi on Wednesday at 8:45 p.m. India Standard Time (15:15 UTC).

The event will include a roster of surprise guests from the worlds of technology, sports and entertainment.

Indeed, it was announced earlier this week that former Miss Universe beauty queen and now Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela would be at the party. So will cricketing legend Irfan Pathan.

Viewers will be able to follow the Delhi launch party live events on the Battle Infinity Instagram channel.

“This party is held in recognition and appreciation of the efforts of the team and our investors and the overwhelmingly positive response we have received from participants in the crypto market and the industry at large,” said the Founder of Battle Infinity, Suresh Joshi.

The listing price for the IBAT token will be announced shortly before the start of trading on the Pancakeswap exchange.

IBAT will be worth ‘billions of dollars’

It is expected that there will be a buying frenzy for the IBAT coin, given its superb presale reception. First day gains of 10x or more are a regular occurrence for new signups.

However, the Battle Infinity team is aiming much higher.

Joshi believes the ecosystem has the potential to register a valuation in the “billions of dollars” as it rolls out the products on its roadmap.

IBAT Battle Swap and IBAT Battle Stake will be the first products to be released, as the platform prepares for the launch of the IBAT Premier League and its fantasy sports game of cricket.

The current market leader in cricket fantasy sports is Dream11 with 100 million customers in India alone.

Commentary by Suresh Joshi, Founder of Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity founder Suresh Joshi is looking forward to the Wednesday launch of the IBAT token on the Pancakeswap exchange, said:

“We are creating a stir in India with our revolutionary crypto gaming platform, not to mention the media coverage we have already had around the world. People are really excited for our Pancakeswap IBAT list on Wednesday.

“I can confirm today that Irfan Pathan, international cricketer and Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe turned actress Urvashi Rautela, will be joining me at our Battle Infinity launch party in Delhi on Wednesday.

“We will be streaming key highlights of the event live on our Instagram channel, so be sure to follow our account.

“Watch out for more surprise announcements in the hours and days to come, as interest in Battle Infinity is skyrocketing right now, and everyone wants in on the action, including some of India’s biggest celebrities. .

“The Indian and global interest and feedback we have received from people from all walks of life, from tech entrepreneurs to cricket-mad sports fans, has blown me away – see what I did there!

“Seriously, our IBAT Premier League platform will cater to all sports, so if football is your thing or basketball hoops are what keep you going, there will be a place for your passion in our Battle Arena metaverse.

“First of all, we’re aiming to roll out our Battle Swap and Battle Stake right now, so it won’t be long before IBAT holders can get involved with implementing their tokens and start playing. !

“Make sure you’re ready to buy our IBAT token on Pancakeswap on Wednesday at 4:00 PM UTC, and let your friends and family know that this could be the chance of a lifetime.”

Where to buy IBAT: Exchange of pancakes
White paper: white paper
Social channels: Twitter | Telegram | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram | Discord

Battle Infinity’s Multiverse of Metaverse – 6 products, 1 revolutionary ecosystem

  1. Battle Swap: A Native DEX Allowing Users to Swap IBAT for Other Cryptos
  2. Battle Games: A collection of 3D games with 2 game winning mechanics
  3. Battle Staking: A staking pool for users to stake their IBAT and earn rewards
  4. Battle Market: an internal NFT market
  5. Battle Arena: A socialization platform to change player items
  6. IBAT Premier League: A Blockchain-Based Fantasy Sports Platform

All integrated with blockchain technology and the metaverse. Works on the BNB Smart Chain network.

Some key features of Battle Infinity

NFT pass

To play, users must purchase an NFT pass. The funds are initially held in the IBAT holding pool.

NFT passes are unique to each user and allow them to enter leagues and matches.

Budget, player and team ratings

The budget sets the maximum amount a user can spend to build their team.

Player rating is the price a user has to pay to purchase a player.

Team Valuation is the total amount spent to buy players to create a team.

Trading In-Game Assets

All NFTs used in the game are tradable. All users can redeem their whitelisted NFT Passes (Winning NFTs) on the Battle Market and liquidity is also provided for auto trading.

Pool of IBAT participations

All funds are stored in the IBAT Stake Pool until the end of the match or the end of the session/league.

Battle Stake Pool

To play the IBAT Premier League game, players must wager funds in the Battle Stake Pool.

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