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How Khiladiadda, the micro-esports and online gaming platform, is disrupting the esports industry in India

India’s largest micro eSports tournament and online gaming platform is revolutionizing the gaming industry with new technologies and trends that will fundamentally change the gaming industry.

The world of online games has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. Accelerated digital adoption, affordability and availability of smartphones and the internet have helped the online gambling industry gain a huge user base and innovate. As more users turn to online gaming, the industry is expected to hit $5 billion in revenue by 2025.

In a highly competitive market landscape, real money games are becoming the most important segment of the industry. Esports and online gaming platforms are diverting significant spending to abandon traditional gaming models and stay ahead of the market. KhiladiAdda – India’s Largest Micro eSports Tournament and Online Gaming Platform allows game lovers to play games like Fantasy Cricket, Quiz, Free Fire Max, Battleground India and other casual games with the opportunity to monetize their gaming skills.

How did it start?
Launched in 2019 by avid gamers – Satyam Rastogi, SiddharthSrivastava, KushagraTyagi, Harsh Prasad and ShashiBhushanVerma, the idea for the startup was conceived in the halls of ANDC college and perfected in the ANDC incubator.

“The groundbreaking idea of ​​KhiladiAdda was developed at a time when the esports and fantasy gaming industry was still in its infancy in India. Most gaming platforms were riddled with challenges like shortage of innovative games, high commissions, data theft, blocked funds and lack of user support.With KhiladiAdda, we have gained great admiration for keeping up with the ever-changing regulations, technology and user demands said KushagraTyagi – Co-Founder and Head of Casual Game Operations, KhiladiAdda.

Knowing that the industry was ripe for disruption, KhiladiAdda strove to integrate the fun and excitement of gaming with a lucrative incentive structure that allows players to monetize their skills and time in a secure and compliant way. . As a multi-game platform, the startup creates unique games and organizes tournaments that cater to the distinctive needs of various gamers.

Professional career so far
As India’s largest micro-eSports tournament and online gaming platform, KhiladiAdda has over 2 million registered users and over 3,00,000 monthly active users. The online gaming platform is experiencing high traffic, with a new player signing up to the platform every 16 seconds. Along with monetization opportunities, instant UPI withdrawals, unlimited referral bonuses, the platform’s low commission structure, effective loyalty programs, and round-the-clock personalized chat support. Moreover, players from all over the world can engage in Fan Battle – KhiladiAdda’s unique fantasy sports mod, which allows users to participate easily to maximize rewards.

Role of Khiladiadda in boosting the industry
In the esports segment, Khiladiadda offers a unique opportunity for its player to bet on their own skills to win and win prizes through very frequent micro-tournaments. The concept of micro-tournaments with very low entry barriers allows the player to start playing even with minimal amounts of money. This gives a powerful motivation and impetus to the user to monetize their time spent honing their skills and also making esports their professional career. Khiladiadda has become fertile ground for the country’s promising future players.
With the introduction of esports as a competitive sport in the Asian Games, the future prospects for professional gamers in the country are increasing exponentially. KhiladiAdda plans to up his game in this area by integrating his own esports team in a national competition. This team will represent KhiladiAdda in various competitive tournaments.

Company growth and future plans
KhiladiAdda seeks to challenge game incumbents with its highly lucrative, innovative and rewarding gaming platform. As the industry continues to grow exponentially, the Delhi-based startup with operations in Noida aims to uniquely position itself in the industry to capitalize on the upcoming industry boom and foray into other game dimensions such as metaverse related games.

With the integration of new-age technologies aligned with user needs, the company has seen 7x revenue growth in the past year itself, for the current year the projection is to have growth 3-4x income. Additionally, RMG startup seeks to add more users to its customer base through innovative and dedicated marketing strategies.

Speaking about future plans, Satyam Rastogi – Founder and CEO, KhiladiAddasaid, “After receiving an impressive response from our users, we are looking to expand beyond India and also plan to expand to other parts of the world We believe that the online gaming segment is built on the integration of technology and we are also eager to bet on the integration of new technological solutions for the disruption.

The esports and online gaming industry is becoming increasingly important for users to generate revenue from the time and skill they spend. KhiladiAdda emphasizes the integration of blockchain technology to enhance user experience and opportunity to earn higher rewards. .