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HAM launches a free and open community gaming platform and builds the underlying Web3.0 infrastructure

HAM launches a free and open community gaming platform and builds the underlying Web3.0 infrastructure

HAM has announced that it will soon launch a free and open community gaming platform, creating a unique end-to-end development tool for developers. And meanwhile, it allows gamers to submit their needs to reshape the game ecosystem together, helping users transition from the era of Web2.0 to the era of Web3.0, and returning the value of assets digital to the users themselves.

HAM will launch eco-integrated tools for developers to support one-click game input, such as RPG (Role Playing Game), ARPG (Action RPG), SIM (Simulation), EDU (Education), SRPG ( Simulation RPG) and other game ecologies. And it connects users with the project through a more effective Web3.0 marketing mechanism, to solve long-standing problems such as inaccurate user group and wasted marketing costs, leaving the project to focus on research and marketing. development. Additionally, users can find a global GameFi community where they can brainstorm and share ideas in a DAO-driven management system, and can become thought leaders in the community, where they can have their own groups of fans.

Launched by INS LABS, a Canadian blockchain investment research and GameFi company, HAM has taken three years of development and market intelligence gathering to launch a next-generation Metaverse gaming platform that integrates NFT , MarketPlace, Swap, Game Ecology Library and Launchpad. The platform aggregates loads of high-quality GameFi projects, and players can realize multiple dimensions of comparing and judging different projects on one terminal to filter out the suitable GameFi ecology.

At the same time, HAM will also open the IoT function for some high-quality projects, helping to match high-quality projects and users in the HAM platform, to realize that good money drives out bad money and helps users to choose promising projects and long-term GameFi projects.

On the occasion of the launch of the platform, HAM will also launch the platform’s first competitive GameFi, and open the airdrop and global eco-partner business to boost the trust and followings of former users of the platform. form.

In a recent share session, HAM announced that the HAM platform roadmap launched the HAM pass platform in the fourth quarter of 2022, as the only token through the platform ecology HAM, having the role of dividends, voting, NFT casting, participation in super nodes, and participating in the ecology of all HAM games. HAM will become the identity token of all platform users. In 2023, Quarter2 Swap function and HAM decentralized wallet will be launched, users can easily achieve multi-chain transformation on HAM, in which HAM is used as gas fee. In 2024, the underlying public channel Quarter2 HAM will be launched. In the future, all GameFi projects can be built through the underlying public chain HAM for faster, better and safer results. In the 4th quarter of 2024, 1000 popular games will be offered to create the first game world in the Metaverse.

HAM will launch the DAO governance mechanism, all actors will participate in the governance and development of the platform. Players’ contributions, including behaviors, proposals and votes, will be recorded on the chain by smart contracts, and will receive the corresponding NFT and Token rewards to promote effective community member collaboration, let the rewards of the community back to the users themselves. Every player can be the master of the platform, to create a next-generation open-ended, win-win Metaverse gaming platform.

HAM comes from the player is loyal to the player and knows the needs of the player. The core technical team has been involved in a number of public channel projects and early game development. After combining traditional game logic and blockchain technology, HAM launched a portal suitable for the Web 3.0 era, building the underlying infrastructure of the Metaverse to support the huge blockchain game trading map, jointly built the ecology of the next-generation Metaverse social game platform and created the first stage of the Metaverse virtual world.

With the continuous development, HAM will definitely become a next-generation phenomenal Metaverse game platform and lead the trend of web3.0 games.

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