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GGWP Gaming Platform Expands to the US Ahead of its Equity Crowdfund with Equitise

SYDNEY, September 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Australian gaming platform GGWP today announces the launch of its equity crowdfunding with Equitise as it expands into the UNITED STATES.

Founded by Jacquie (Jax) Garrett then joined by the co-founders Cassie Ugh and John KetoGGWP is a one-of-a-kind gaming platform created by an Australian team of gaming experts and entrepreneurs that has seen record growth since its launch in 2018.

As part of a mission to encourage more women into the world of gaming, GGWP is creating an entryway for female gamers, removing barriers to entry and creating new opportunities. Unlike other platforms, GGWP’s gaming community is over 40% female, with an increasing number of female gamers.

Over the past year, GGWP has raised over $1 million angel investors, VCs and accelerators like Startmate, through Australia. This has enabled GGWP to launch globally with its e-learning and influencer marketplace platform for gamers and work with over 50 global brands such as Logitech, Casio, PUSHAS, Indomie , EA Games and Ubisoft to hire players on their platform. With the pandemic leaving many people out of work, they’ve managed to create a whole new revenue stream for enthusiasts in the gaming space, with plenty of revenue in between. $2,000$10,000 a month.

The female-led startup is revolutionizing influencer marketing with its new use of technology, championing authenticity in the influencer marketing space, using technology to track every creator’s ROI, delivering more transparency than its competitors in the sector.

“When we launched GGWP we were filling a gap in the market, now four years later we are pioneering a whole new way of working and creating, finding new revenue streams for the average gamer and grow a growing community, we want to continue to grow our community base,” says Garrett.

“We are pioneers in the world of gaming, especially for women, encouraging female gamers as well as micro-influencers to get involved in this growing sector and the global community, it is an exciting space with a huge growth potential and we look forward to taking GGWP to global markets and continuing its international success,” she said.

Seeking to expand its footprint internationally, GGWP is selling shares of its company to everyday Australians from as little as $100.00 with its first Equity Crowdfund with the leading platform Equitise. Equitise founder Jonny Wilkinson says he’s excited to see interest in GGWP and its one-of-a-kind platform.

“GGWP’s business is unlike anything we’ve seen at Equitise, it’s a great story and the business has seen strong growth year on year, the gaming industry is heating up and GGWP is a pioneer in this space and a true Australian game success story,” says Wilkinson.

Founded in 2018, GGWP is the brainchild of Jax Garrett after his son attended his first-ever world championship, he signed his first esports contract $15,000 in sponsorship money during his first year as a professional player as a teenager.

GGWP hopes gamers and the local community will join sophisticated investors in this crowdfunding round that will give GGWP an 18-month track and the ability to fully automate their platform for gamers and brands, at scale. world.

Invest in the future of gaming!

GGWP Academy is an online learning and influencer marketplace platform for gamers around the world. We teach creators how to become best-in-class content creators, then give them the opportunity to work with brands around the world.


  • $288,000 in our first 3 months!
  • 50+ global brands
  • Over 11,000 accounts
  • 65% US users
  • Positive cash flow of February 23

Supported by:

Startmate / San Francisco Landing pad / Lead Sports Accelerator / Digital Gamescom / Invest NSW / SBE Global

Current investors:

Scale Investors, Startmate, Flying Fox, leAD Sports, Euphemia and several amazing angel investors.