Gaming platform

Gameloft and CKH IOD launch the 3GoPlay gaming platform

In partnership with CKH Innovations Opportunities Development (CKH IOD), 3GoPlay is a game subscription platform that will provide hundreds of mobile games to Hutchison users in countries that offer the All You Can Play subscription model. The service includes a feed of gaming news and videos.

“We want to make sure everyone can play. We believe there is a game for everyone, and it doesn’t matter where those people are in the world,” said Yann Fourneau, vice president of global sales and distribution at Gameloft.

“We are always thinking about creating bespoke solutions to add value to our partners’ offerings, and we achieve this through the best content, regardless of device or channel. 3GoPlay is a great example of our ability to deliver innovative platforms around the world. »

Under the terms of the framework agreement between the two, 3GoPlay will initially launch in Austria and Italy (branded as W3GoPlay, with eight more countries to be added in the future.

More specifically, it will be Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland, Sweden, Vietnam, the United Kingdom and the Chinese SARs of Hong Kong and Macau.

“Over the past two decades, Gameloft has established a reputation as one of the leading mobile game publishers and solutions providers, with an unrivaled catalog of instantly recognizable games and brands that we know will delight our customers. “, said Joe Parker, CEO of CKH IOD. , a unit of CK Hutchison’s Telecom Division.

“With hundreds of games available from launch and more added monthly, we are confident that our ‘All You Can Play’ subscription service satisfies the appetites of our most dedicated gaming customers, in a safe and secure, for just a small monthly fee.

With a portfolio of hundreds of games as well as exclusive content, users can access the entertainment library from their mobile device, as well as special features such as parental control functionality.