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GAMEE opens Arc8 gaming platform for partners to add P2E to their tokens

Casual mobile game company P2E GAMEE has announced that it is opening up Arc8 to its partners, allowing them to add Play-to-Earn to their tokens through Arc8’s tournament rewards. To do this, partners simply need to contribute their tokens to any game’s prize pool on the Arc8 mobile app.

For those who wish to be part of it, simply apply on the GAMEE website.

Bozena Rezab, CEO of GAMEE, commented, “Our vision with Arc8 is to build bridges between projects and games in the Web3 space through gaming and earning experiences. The first steps are to invite partners and support partner tokens, followed by support for multiple NFT collections. This is a great time for Arc8 and we’re excited to be working with QuickSwap to make it happen, and we look forward to helping many more projects add play and win utility to their tokens.

As a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, GAMEE is able to leverage Animoca’s industry expertise and network to truly expand its reach as a mobile gaming hub. Among GAMEE’s first partners on Arc8 is QuickSwap, which will debut as P2E rewards on Arc8 tournaments from May 12-15.

The opening of Arc8 to its partners is one of the latest steps in the evolution of the platform – transforming it into an “Arcadeverse”, a virtual gaming space that connects players to creators and brands – with GAMEE’s utility token at its core.