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Former Twitch Execs Launch Web3 Gaming Platform, Raise $15M in Funding – The Hollywood Reporter

Former Twitch executives James Kuk, Ernie Le and Ben Stueck launched Web3 gaming content platform FreshCut and raised $15 million in funding, led by Galaxy Interactive, Animoca Brands and Republic Crypto.

Designed for game creators and fans, the company aims to blend gaming and Web3 through high-quality, short-form gaming and esports videos that reward participation and engagement by issuing community tokens for such involvement as downloading content.

“The demand for abbreviated content has grown exponentially, largely due to a generational shift in attention and consumer habits,” said Kuk, who previously served as global head of business development and strategic partnerships at Twitch, in a statement. “At the same time, creators and fans increasingly want to be rewarded for their contributions to the community and the platform in more appropriate and authentic ways. The FreshCut team and I are committed to creating a platform that delivers a highly entertaining and curated content experience while delivering long overdue value to fans and short game creators.

Content from games such as Super Smash Bros. Warzone, League of Legends, Street Fighter and Valorant will be included, along with the work of top creators including Mystic7, Brycent, and Chief Pat.

“We are thrilled to partner with FreshCut, an experienced team that builds solutions for gaming content creators and enables a new, personalized and curated content ecosystem for new consumers looking to disconnect from gaming content platforms. Web2 game that does not reward them for their time or effort,” added Richard Kim, General Partner of Galaxy Interactive.