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Curro eSports Launches Innovative New Gaming Platform with Acer > NAG

Press release

Independent school group Curro Holdings, in partnership with Acer for Education, has launched Curro’s own secure eSports gaming platform, a first of its kind in South Africa and on the continent.

Using expert help and advice from Acer, Curro’s innovative new platform reassures parents with an added layer of cybersecurity to keep learners safe while playing online video game tournaments as part of the school group’s pioneering eSports program.

Curro’s popular eSports program has already registered over 1,900 learners from 38 primary schools and 28 secondary schools in the group since its launch in 2020.

Until now, learners participating in any of the tournaments, including Apex Legends and Minecraft Squad, as well as traditional esports games like Rocket League, had no central space to display information. However, the new Acer platform allows teams to view their standings but also allows coaches to manage players, coordinate tournaments and also allow communication between players as well as between players and coaches.

Tournaments are streamed live via Twitch, which means anyone can watch. “We are amazed at how quickly our esports program has taken off. Our parents now understand that esports is not just about playing video games as an extracurricular activity, but in fact offers a whole world opportunities to our learners, as an integral part of our curriculum. This new platform allows us to take our esports offering to a whole new level of learning and further develop our learners and staff. For example, they can now launch casting games (MC) on the platform, which is an extremely exciting opportunity, and we are already working closely with Acer to introduce a shout casting mentorship program soon. to host our Inter-Curro Cup tournament later this year, to determine the best esports school in the group,” says Angela Schaerer, Head of Digital Transformation at Curro Holdings.

Recent research has identified many benefits of playing esports and video games. These include improving players’ ability to process and prioritize information, enhancing critical and creative thinking skills while accelerating decision-making and reaction time without sacrificing accuracy. Regular play also helps learners develop self-confidence and composure, as well as build 21st century skills such as social awareness, collaboration, adaptability, perseverance and resourcefulness. These skills could have continued future returns, helping learners secure valuable careers, especially in the fields of math, science, and engineering.

Curro continued his esports program after witnessing the popularity of virtual sports during the Covid-19 lockdown when traditional sports were banned. Since then, the independent education provider has quickly made a name for itself in the global esports community, after winning an international Minecraft match against a school in California in June 2021. The valued partnership of Curro along with Acer has further strengthened its commitment to building the most advanced education esports offering in Africa.