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Crypto Gaming Platform Arc8 Season 3 Introduces Hoop Shot Basketball Game

Hoop Shot is just the first of what will become an ongoing project, with new games added every season.

These games will all appear as part of Arc8’s new Gamified Launchpad, which will see different crypto tokens offered as rewards for participation. TOWER, QUICK, REVV were available in May, with SAND and MATIC included as part of Season 3.
In case you need a reminder, Arc8 is the casual gaming platform developed by GAMEE for the ongoing blockchain gaming revolution, thanks to its ingenious gaming dashboard to win.

Simply put, it lets you play games, participate in daily missions, and compete in leaderboards for a share of a prize pool.

This prize pool is made up of GMEE, Arc8’s own cryptocurrency token. Naturally, once you have GMEE, you can cash it in to fold money.

The Arc8 Gamified Launchpad, meanwhile, paves the way for other tokens, representing one more step in Arc8’s quest to create a mobile “arcadeverse”, where casual gamers can virtually congregate and compete for significant prices.

GMEE is still the backbone of it all, providing access to competitive gaming involving thousands of other players. But now you can earn other tokens, along with an array of NFTs and all the new partner tokens that Arc8 is partnering with moving forward.

Going forward, Arc8 will host regular tournament sprints where winnings are distributed from a prize pool made up of tokens from each event’s sponsor. These happen at specific times each season, and you can keep tabs on exactly when via the official Twitter account.

Right now, Hoop Shot is in the spotlight, with daily tasks to complete, leaderboards to climb, and GMEEs to earn.

Stay tuned for what’s next, but to get started, be sure to download the Arc8 app for free right now via the Google Play Store or App Store – Click here.