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Creta, a next-gen Metaverse gaming platform, sold its first private NFT collection in just under 26 minutes

The Creta collection of 500 NFTs was purchased within 26 minutes of the official launch.

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August 15, 2022

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, August 15, 2022 ( –
Creta, a metaverse gaming platform built with an application of cutting-edge blockchain technology Locus Chain, announced the sale of a private collection of NFT assets dubbed Genesis Pass on July 21, 2022. The collection of 500 NFTs available to private investors in the South Korean territory were purchased within 26 minutes of the official launch. Genesis Pass lives on the Polygon L2 blockchain solution, which will then be replaced by native NFTs created in Locus Chain’s network during the live release of the blockchain mainnet, which is expected to take place by the end of 2022 .

The launch marked the release of Creta’s own marketplace solution that will serve as a library of NFTs tied to both in-game assets and the metaverse that will be available for players to acquire and list once the games and the online market. The collection is poised to reward early risers, who managed to recognize Creta’s potential early in its development, with perks related to the price of the mint, the number of NFTs that can go in a hand, and d ‘others in the game. benefits in the future.

The collection of 500 NFTs is divided into 10 tiers, offering premium land ownership rights, enhanced avatar skin customization, and Genesis Credits that will be air-dropped to NFT Genesis Pass holders with an option to redeem for the utility token from Creta Creta Coin. The token is pegged to the value of USD and allows transactions between users on the market.

Following the success of Genesis Pass, Creta aims to announce more NFT sales, giving the community the opportunity to acquire these assets. The next sale, scheduled for early fall, is expected to feature assets related to the sci-fi metaverse world that will be released in the metaverse called Dayroot.




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