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Creators Like CouRage and Nadeshot Participated in $13.5 Million Round of Web3 Gaming Platform

Several gamers with a huge following on social media are helping a new startup build an egalitarian Web3 platform. Sobawhich entered development last year, raised a $13.5 million seed round directed by Lightspeed Venture Partners. Other participants in the round include Matthew”Nadeshot“Haag, Jack”CourageDunlop, TimClashwithAsh“Evans, Álvaro”Alvaro845“González de Buitrago.

Soba seeks to make game design accessible to as many people as possible by providing creation and monetization tools that work on all platforms. The co-founder and CEO of the company, Juha Paananen, explained that his own transition from game player to game designer inspired him to create Soba. “I found a way to express my creativity beyond what any other art form allowed me. Being able to express myself through building games opened up a new side of me and contributed greatly to my personal growth,” wrote Paananen in a blog post. “What started as a fascination with virtual worlds built by others led me to create worlds and experiences myself for others to to profit from.”

Paananen noted that many game design tools are for PC owners only and require in-depth knowledge of coding languages. Soba, on the other hand, will particularly appeal to mobile gamers and will offer a “no-code” interface. Two of the creators who took part in the round, ClashwithAsh and Alvaro845, are known to have played the hit mobile game franchise. clash of clans.

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Games designed on Soba will be monetizable thanks to the platform’s integration of Web3 functionalities. Unlike other metaverse gaming platforms, Soba does not use a “play to win” structure that rewards players with virtual currencies. Instead, these tokens will be distributed to the creators of the games themselves via a “create to earn” system. And since the platform is built “token first,” it won’t require users to own assets on the blockchain before getting started.

“Our intention is to bridge the gap between gaming and the crypto world,” Paananen wrote. “We want to build a welcoming space where everyone could find an exciting game to play, regardless of their previous experience and skills. Our goal is to create an amazing gaming experience where players can own the assets they invest in .

Lightspeed has established itself as a major funder in the creator economy. He has funded website builder Fourthwall and shoutout platform Cameo in addition to his many other investments.

With Soba’s head circumference secured, Paananen and co. launch the alpha version of their platform. If you would like to put your name on the waiting list, you can go to the Soba website. The company plans to move into its beta phase during the fourth quarter of 2022.