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CarzSo leverages blockchain technology to launch metaverse and gaming platform

Gurgaon-based CarzSo, a virtual car showroom for used car start-ups, will capitalize on Web 3 infrastructure and announced plans to build an NFT-based land plot to launch a car-focused metaverse. automobile industry. It plans to bring the automotive retail sector into the metaverse space and will also build a gaming platform around this concept.

The startup seeks to enable auto buyers and owners to create or manufacture virtual assets (NFTs) of their vehicles. This will provide vehicle owners with a digital identity for their vehicles. Additionally, vehicle owners will also be able to create NFTs of their vehicle license plates which can be traded later.

Currently, CarzSo has a web 2.0 presence that uses virtual reality and virtual showroom technologies to buy and sell cars. The new development will help the company’s already existing virtual showrooms and allow customers to buy cars virtually. He hired a company to file patents on the use of virtual showrooms and metaverse in the automotive retail industry.

Vaibhav Sharma, Founder and CEO of CarzSo said, “Being the first VR-based automotive technology company and virtual showroom in India, it was our responsibility to unveil the metaverse as soon as possible, but given the pull with which the market opens, the timing couldn’t have been better. We are thrilled to finally be able to translate our vision into reality with the world’s first automotive-focused Web 3.0 company specializing in NFTs and meta-earths for automotive industry players.