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BMW will offer AirConsole in-car gaming platform from 2023

After decades of selling the ultimate driving machine, BMW is expanding its resume by offering the ultimate gaming machine. The company has announced that it will offer the AirConsole in-car gaming platform developed by Swiss company N-Dream in some of its cars from 2023.

BMW explained that the AirConsole platform matches well with the curved screen available in models like the iX crossover. While details are scarce, it doesn’t appear that playing a game in your BMW requires investing in any hardware modifications; games are streamed to the car live, run through the infotainment system, and designed to be played using a smartphone as a controller.

It is not known what titles motorists and their passengers will be able to play in a BMW. AirConsole lists over 180 games on its website, including classics like checkers, Mario Kart-like racing games, and a casino simulator called drunk casino. We don’t know which BMWs will be compatible with in-car games, but the company said Autoblog that the new 7 Series will be one of the first cars to adopt this technology.

“AirConsole games require computing capabilities that are only met with a hardware update to the head unit, which is first available in the new 7 Series and will be rolling out to other models from [in 2023]”, a BMW spokesperson confirmed to Autoblog.

Beyond the big 7, it’s reasonable to assume that this technology will be available on BMW’s electric cars. Nothing’s official, but you’re more likely to want to spend time gaming when you’re waiting for an i3 to charge than when you’re lapping up Laguna Seca in an M3.

BMW will roll out the in-car games in 2023. Pricing information and additional details will be announced in the coming months.