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Blockchain gaming platform WEMIX announced the launch of WEMIX 3.0

Blockchain gaming platform WEMIX has announced the launch of its new platform and service-focused ecosystem called WEMIX3.0.

One of the platform’s clear benefits is how it extends the company’s already existing P2E functionality; WEMIX 3.0 being immediately integrated into a wide range of high-quality games, such as MIR4 Global and Rise of Stars.

“The upgrade to WEMIX3.0 is just the latest example of how WEMIX has established itself as one of the leading gaming platforms in the blockchain space,” said Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade. “With WEMIX3.0, we’re empowering users to do more with the tokens they earn, and it’s important that we continue to find new ways to empower members of the WEMIX community.”

Along with this launch announcement, WEMIX also provided some additional details, such as its dedicated stablecoin platform – WEMIX$ – ensuring full collateralization on the platform and economic stability.

in total, the new ecosystem focuses on these three aspects:

  • WEMIX Play – Provides a more convenient approach for players, allowing users to pay fees with what they earn in-game; eliminating the need for external payment methods.
  • NILE – NILE (NFT Is Life Evolution): an on-chain DAO solution that helps facilitate the use of funds, assets and members on the platform using the Neith protocol.
  • WEMIX DeFi Service – a platform dedicated to the financing of crypto-assets accessible via WEMIX3.0. It offers highly secure on-chain swaps, staking programs, bridges, crypto bonds and more.

To learn more about WEMIX3.0, please visit: WEMIX3.0