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Big Time Studios introduces the OPEN LOOT gaming platform and fund



Big Time Studios Ltd. (BTS) has unveiled the OPEN LOOT (OL) platform after successfully bringing its flagship game into early access and generating NFT sales of over $100 million. The launches of Web3 games and the distribution of NFTs via the OPEN LOOT Marketplace are made possible by OL. Its Vault technology makes it incredibly simple to receive and manage blockchain-based digital assets, allowing players to buy and sell to each other in a way that feels completely natural.

Ari Meilich, CEO of BTS, said, “We believe we can bring the success we achieved with Big Time to our partner studios and have them join the largest Web3 game community in the world.”

With no fuel costs and immediate resolution of transactions, OL offers players the best experience imaginable.

BTS also announces the OPEN LOOT Ecosystem Fund, which will support game developers on their journey as they launch their web3.

“We are very pleased to be able to participate in the financing of the next generation of web3 games and to bring our expertise in game economy and our dynamic community to our partners”, said Tony Colafrancesco, Vice President of Partnerships.



BTS is honored to work with game developers GC Turbo, Hit Factor, Motor Meta and Circle, a provider of a global payment solution system.

Developers interested in working with the Fund can learn more and apply at