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Bandai Namco Invests in Gangbusters’ Blockchain Social Games

Bandai Namco Invests in Gangbusters’ Blockchain Social Games

Bandai Namco Entertainment, one of the largest video game publishers in Japan, has announced that it is investing in the blockchain social games of Gangbusters.

Bandai Namco dives into the blockchain space

According to the press release, “Bandai Namco Entertainment 021 Fund”, the company’s fund dedicated to investing in startups with the aim of creating new entertainment and building Bandai Namco’s Metaverse IP, has agreed to invest more than 3 billion yen ($20.4 million) in Gangbusters Ltd. over the next three years.

The investment would be divided into 3 equal parts, with injections of 1 billion yen ($6.8 million) each year.

Bandai Namco said it aims to develop and operate social games through blockchain technology to better connect with its fans.

Gangbusters is a UK-based studio specializing in the development and operation of blockchain social games.

One of the main games developed and operated by Gangbusters is “BattleTabs”, a strategy game where players can compete against friends in a multiplayer environment. The game can be opened and played directly in a web browser.

Gangbuster’s studio was launched in 2019 by Brandon Wu, Michael Cann and Matthew Romaine.

Gamebusters isn’t the only project to receive investment from Bandai Namco. Bandai Namco’s entertainment fund has previously funded notable projects such as Gaudiy Inc., Genies Inc., Phoenixx Inc., double Inc., and SHOWROOOM Inc.

The investment committee behind the fund includes names such as Yasuo Miyakawa, Koji Fujiwara and Toru Konno, all of whom have experience in the gaming world.

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  • There is a high level of competition when it comes to blockchain-based games available in the crypto space.
  • As of October 12, 1924 games were listed on DappRadar.

Why You Should Care

Even though Bandai Namco may not be creating the next viral game in the crypto space, new investments like this are paving the way for new ideas and innovations that can lead to improvements in gameplay and variety.

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