Virtual worlds

Armera launches a product portfolio on the Virtual Worlds platform

From July 1, bathroom manufacturer Armera will offer its fully designer bathroom products on the Virtual Worlds platform.

New Armera product releases from August 2022 will be included. Sarah Williams, Managing Director, comments: “Armera is very pleased to partner with Virtual Worlds to showcase our products in a 3D and 4D environment and help designers create beautiful bathroom plans. This is an additional investment in the retail industry, supporting physical showrooms who can offer this valuable design service to their customers.

“At Armera, we believe that end customers would want and expect a full design service when buying a new bathroom. This is another added value that the physical showroom brings, offering the possibility to visualize a client’s new interior, ensuring that the end result is to their liking.The investment that end clients make in a new bathroom is not negligible, and therefore the possibility of imagining it in 3D or experiencing it in 4D is really valuable before doing the physical work.

“Our retail customers have asked Armera for access to virtual worlds, and that’s what we’re doing! We value feedback from our customers and respond quickly to suggestions and requests from retailers,” added Williams.

Armera follows several other bathroom brands that have recently added product portfolios to Virtual Worlds. Nathan Maclean, Managing Director of Virtual Worlds, said, “We are delighted to welcome Armera as the latest manufacturer to showcase their products on the Virtual Worlds platform. We can’t wait to see amazing virtual world designs with beautiful Weapon some products.”