Virtual worlds

The pandemic has blurred the lines between our real and virtual worlds

I recently observed a Zoom call between an eight-year-old girl named Lucy and an adult caller. During the seven-minute chat, Lucy answered questions, discussed her relationship with her parents, and inquired about the other person’s pets. It was pretty normal childish conversation, except for one thing: Lucy isn’t real. He is a fictional, cartoon-rendered character […]

Virtual worlds

VIRUS DIARY: In the event of a pandemic, seek solace in virtual worlds

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — It’s 2014 and you’re relaxing with your best friend in a pastel-hued Florida condo the day after Thanksgiving. She’s checking Facebook and you’re on your iPad, playing a video game called Plague, Inc. “You are trying to kill the whole world with a virus or a fungus,” you explain. “I […]

Social games

5 Reasons Why Social Games Are So Popular Lately

The rise of social media has made social gaming so famous that social gaming attracts hundreds of thousands of online gamers every day. This is probably because most social games are quite simple and easy to play, but mostly, not required. People can revisit their gameplay anytime, just like they can visit their favorite social […]